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All you ever wanted to know about the Quantum Energetics Seminars. Levels 1, 2 and 3 plus Practitioner Training will be held in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pun...

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Comment by Aditi Surti on April 26, 2012 at 6:28pm

Welcome to a whole new experience in healing for the first time in India. Be a part of a new consciousness technology, which involves the subtle laws of quantum physics, heart field intentions and a state of completely letting go.

In the Quantum Energetics seminars, leave behind your life as you know it and be ready to enter a whole new world at a level you have never perceived before. Understand how your “reality” is nothing like you thought it was and how it is easy to break through its patterns!

The focus here is to play, let go and re-learn. You experience new tools that help you to make observable and measurable changes instantly.

Quantum Energetics works on multiple levels of existence. It deals with physical, emotional, mental patterns along with biological, cellular, auric, dimensional and many more. When you understand the basics of Quantum Energetics, you can combine it with any existing modality of therapy or healing that you already know or like and tailor-make it to your use. It is superbly flexible and accommodates any healing modality within itself. In levels 1,2 and 3, we teach you some of these, which are best combined with the technology itself. 

The course content includes topics such as:

History and Laws of Quantum Physics
Quantum Physics and Classical Physics
The Quantum Heart
Quantum Touch
More than 40 Quantum Energetics Modalities
15 different Healing Tools
Tools for brining awareness and abundance

Level 1
In Level 1, the 2 day seminar will teach you how to access and use the field of consciousness, the laws of quantum physics, the heart field and how science and spirituality recognise consciousness as the very fabric of existence. We get you to experience how your reality is so fragile and ways to bring a shift in it.

Level 2

Using the basics of what is taught on day 1 of the Level 1, additional templates and integrated tools are taught in level 2 which overcome areas where a person maybe stuck with Level 1 completion. Here there is a lot more focus on integrating both levels with many practice sessions and hands on guidance from the facilitators to get to the HEART of the system and allow it to become a part of one’s daily life. This level includes going beyond the mind and body and into other realms of subconscious. 

Level 3

In level 3, there are various deepening techniques, the basics of which have been covered in the previous two levels. They require a certain level of work experience in Quantum Energetics before they are taught. Here the mental and physical health issues are covered along with some other unique systems of existing healing incorporated into the program. Level 3 is also the final level and is mostly attached with a One Day Practitioner Program making it an overall 3 day seminar. 

Practitioner Certification
A one day program with loads of practice opportunity, guidance on how to apply yourself as a professional Quantum Energetics Practitioner, codes and ethics, how to work with clients, application of the tools to your daily life and many more aspects. Participants will be awarded the practitioner certification only once they have successfully completed all the levels and submitted their case studies for review. This will be further detailed during the course of the program. 

Seminars are conducted in collaboration with The New Age Foundation in Delhi and also independently in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Dubai.

You can read up more on or get in touch with me at

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