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Why “The Secret” & Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work For Most & What Does ?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve either seen or heard of “The Secret”, a 2006 film produced by Prime Time Productions. The crux of the film and most traditional ‘Law of attraction’ teachings is that everything you want may be attained by seeing, feeling & believing that you will receive that outcome, by consistently thinking about it, and maintaining positive emotional states to "attract" it.

These teachings are now so common in our community we even take it for granted. The teaching says, in essence, if you want a car, for example, you need just to imagine, feel and believe you have the car regularly – and stay happy overall – and the car will soon show up in your life for you to drive.  Or in simple terms - Ask — believe — receive. This sounds good in theory, but let's see what is really going on with this traditional teaching of the Law of Attraction, find out what is missing and discover how you can truly create the life and experiences your heart desires – even if you’ve not had success in the past.

So, to begin let's get real and be totally honest. Nearly everyone has had some occasional experiences of success with this traditional 'Law of Attraction’ method  - Ask — believe — receive. However, more importantly, we need to ask ourselves, has this method consistently worked for you in a way that is reliable, guaranteed and free of hidden problems? And, have you seen it successfully work for others who have tried it? In short, is this the real deal, or are there other factors at play that are possibly even more powerful than the ‘traditional’ Law of Attraction methods?

Most people are NOT manifesting what they want.

If your life is not exactly as you'd love it to be and you’ve been struggling to make the ‘law of attraction’ work for you in creating a better life, I want you to know that you are not alone. Look around you at all the misery in peoples’ lives who know about these tools.

In fact, having spoken to hundreds of people personally about why the law of attraction is not working for them, and having taught thousands of people through our courses, I can assure you that very few people understand the deeper workings to these teachings and even worse, most people have experienced negative side effects from attempting to make the law of attraction work for them.

Be warned, the traditional law of attraction teachings can actually screw up your life and land you with nightmares from shattered and distorted dreams. It’s like the movie ‘The Fly’ where a man is teleported in a machine with a stray fly and when he is re-materialized he has become half man, half fly. If you get these techniques wrong they are worse than having done nothing.


The Secret derives its tremendous power from several key facts:

The universe is the source of infinite abundance

The universe is the whole of which everything else is only a part. It includes all that exists -- past, present and future. Its creative power is truly infinite. It possesses the capacity to deliver a million times more than you can ever dream to ask for. We receive so much from the universe all the time without ever thinking about it -- the air and food that support our lives, the inspiring ideas, heart-warming companionship, the marvellous inventions, wondrous products, the unlimited potential to expand our knowledge, the endless opportunities for adventure and accomplishment. All of this comes to us from the universe. None of us utilizes more than a minute fraction of what the universe offers to us at every moment. Become conscious of what the universe is and offers to each of us.

I’ve personally seen some interesting results when I have practiced the LOA.   Some of my friends would say that the LOA failed at times for me and other times it succeeded, but the way I see it is that it was successful every time. Why do I see it this way? Because I believe there are other factors involved in the LOA that we often don’t realize because we get too caught up in creating from our minds and ego desires. Simply, we are missing the bigger picture.

Right away I can hear the questions, “how do we know what an ego desire is or not?!” We will get to that shortly. Drawing from personal experience, I have used the LOA and was able to attract what I wanted into my life, but there were other times it didn’t come into being. Why? Simply because there is a larger factor at play – YOU have a say in determining whether or not a specific reality might play out for you. But when we are engaged in mental and ego desires, we often don’t see the perfect reason as to why we didn’t bring about what “we” wanted.

Well, I have personally experienced the LOA work wonderfully after having been personally coached by many brilliant coaches and have helped thousands to transform their lives through a three day workshop designed to transform your life. So confident am I along with my organisors that we offer a Money Back Guaranty to anybody who chooses to attend our Workshop! You just need to experience it fully and I take the responsibility to ensure 100% results !

Just click on the link below and take a leap of faith :-)  Rest is MY job !

Mona Arora

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