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Friends we all know that our subconscious mind holds 95% of power. we create the experiences of our life based on the imprints our subconscious holds. so whether we are rich or poor, healthy or ill, successful or failure ; this all depends on the programmes embedded on it. We all  hold the desires and wishes to become the best in every field, we are also taking many resolutions, reading self help books, but sooner or later all the modalities fail and we find ourselves in the sea of confusion and uncertainty. Have you ever wondered why those modalities fail? The answer is very simple , because they influence only and only conscious mind, whereas our life experiences are created exclusively by subconscious mind. So until and unless you learn to educate your subconscious, lasting changes cannot happen.

Here one more point worth to mention is  that, If you leave your subconscious on default mode as most of us have been doing, it will pick up the random images and programmes creating unwanted situations and undesirable outcomes. So, it's necessary to clean our subconscious from time to time, so that all the negative imprints are replaced by positive results.

Now you need the tools to access your subconscious. There are many simple ways and tools which I will be sharing one by one.

One of them is connecting with the Nature. Take some time to go to nature. Watch the emptiness of sky. see how the branches of tree are dancing with the breeze. Feel the aroma of the flowers. Listen to the crisping of the birds. Just let yourself flow. Nature is the best healer. In fact its the only healer. As you stay with it, the energy of universe will flow within you burning all the negativity and stress. Then feed positive suggestions. Like, " I am becoming Rich", "I deserve huge success". You will be surprised to see how quickly you change your inner world, which in turn will shift the outer reality soon.This is very simple to do, but one of the most effective techniques.

I will be discussing other modalities in next article.

For learning how to "Programme your subconscious”, Join My event on 13th and 14th may.

Dr. Peeyush Prabhat ( Orthopaedic surgeon and mind power trainer)

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