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Feeling sleepy after a one to one healing session? Discover the reasons behind the deep sense of peace and relaxation response in this article by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD).

After a healing therapy session it can cause a deep sense of relaxation where you might find yourself compelled to sleep. Healing therapies can include Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Journey, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnosis, Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting and Inner Child Work. The reason sleep can be induced after a healing session is because the healing was with a skilled practitioner and it worked, creating profound shifts and desired transformational changes. Holding onto repressed emotions or past negativity can be very exhausting for the body and when there is a chance to finally release these, it can create a profound sense of calm and restfulness. Sleep and rest can also be considered a vital part of the healing process.

There are a handful of reasons for the sleep response after a therapy session, in particular if the healing session:

1. Was very deep and created profound shifts in consciousness such that the body needed time to re-align with the shift in thinking

2. Uncovered past memories that had been buried away or might have even been from a past life and on being discovered caused a minor surprise or even extreme shock

3. Resulted in the release of either repressed emotions, extreme emotions such as anger or sadness or pent up frustration that unexpectedly burst-out

4. Cleared a past fear, trauma or traumatic event that caused the cells and cell receptors to release chemicals to cause a relaxation response

5. Resulted in changes at a biochemical level that induced a deep sense of peace and relaxation

6. Was conducted by an experienced and professionally certified EFT, Journey, NLP or Matrix Reimprinting practitioner such that their trainer had taught them how to get to the  root cause and clear it

7. Enabled stress relief and an ability to let go of the past and forgive

After any healing or therapy session it is important to hydrate yourself with plenty of water, take time out to integrate and eat healthy portions of nourishing vegetables, proteins and grains.…/

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