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Why are people living such a stressful life?

1. People don’t love themselves, and when you not happy, you can never make others happy.
2. They never try to find their true self, their inner peace. They are always busy in satisfying others expectations from them.
3. They always bother about the society and other people’s opinion about them.
4. They don’t define their happiness and don’t set their targets in life; they need to achieve to live a satisfied and comfortable life. For that they keep on working, and working, and working and ultimately make their life stressful.
5. They are living either in past or thinking about future. While past has gone and future depends upon their present performance.
6. They don’t understand the law of attraction “whatever you think, you will receive that only. No matter it is good or bad”.
7. They don’t have faith in creator. They feel themselves separate from him, so always feel helpless in every situation and become stressful.
8. They are jealous of others success and don’t understand that there is abundance in universe for everyone. When they think negative about someone, they attract the same in their life.
9. They don’t understand that they are on earth to experience some lessons and for that they need to go through pain. So the problem is just a part of life and should be taken in that way only.
10. If they go through some trauma in their life, they are not ready to accept it but are ready to spoil their remaining life.
11. They always ignore the voice of heart and always try to follow the voice of mind. So there is always inner conflict in them and they feel frustrated and become stressful.
12. People don’t like to share themselves with others or express their feelings as they think, no one can understand them and start storing emotions and tensions inside and make their life stressful.
13. They want to find happiness in material comforts only and material things can never give inner happiness and contentment.
14. Even if they are not comfortable in a situation/relation/group, they don’t dare to leave it.
15. They are fearful, sometimes for present and sometimes for future.
16. They don’t accept that change is an important part of live. They scare of unfamiliar situations.
17. They are not ready to forgive others, even themselves. While forgiveness gives inner peace and opportunity to grow in life.

We are each responsible e for all of our experiences.
Every thought we think is creating our future.
The point of power is always in the present moment.
Everyone suffers from self hatred and guilt.
The bottom line for everyone is
“I am not good enough”
It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed.
When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.

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Comment by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar on September 3, 2015 at 1:00am

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