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When Your Intention Is Clear The Way To Do It Will Appear!

Intentions a Powerful Word, a Powerful Act, a Powerful Fact!


I know that is a mouthful! But Mechanism is just the “How To” of getting to What You Really WANT! Until you define that clearly, it will always be a bit fuzzy where you are going and what you want to do. You will let distractions control you and you will let others influence you. Fear will be a big factor until the BURNING DESIREbecomes so big that you will literally walk through flames to get it.



Through all kinds of influences through our life, our intention is often formed by others. Only when we get inside of ourselves and weed out the old programming that no longer serves us, can be start to get down to the core of who we are and who we want to be. When we take a set period of time daily, and use it to go deep and build a new intention based on who we want to be, not necessarily on whom we are, we tap into our own personal power.


How Do I Know What My Intention Is?


Look at your results! If you think your intention is to build a big income through business, but the results keep you stuck and broke, maybe you have not actually defined your intention to the degree that you know in a deep level what it is.


Most of the time people are so wrapped up in the technique the How To, that they don’t realize the how to never gets the results until you know what kind of result that you want! That is worth going over and pondering. Getting the How to before you know the results you want is like hitching a horse on a back of a wagon and expecting the wagon to pull the horse!


So this is it: Define what you really want your life to look like? THINK REALLY BIG! Each day is about living in your intentions, seeing it feeling it, and then taking action. Don’t wait until the How to is in your face, but start to take some steps toward it. What can you do today to create that life you want? What is it that might be holding you back from that? Will you do anything, even if it doesn’t appear to be logical?


Here is the thing, the things you have been doing up to now have gotten you what you have. You may have to be willing to think of it in a totally different way! Can you open yourself to that? Your idea may come to you through inspiration or through another sharing something that works for them. It’s very important to actually take steps towards it every day, without letting fear rule you!


Be careful of the power you put behind your words.


Because in this WORLD......Intention is Everything




Yours In Possibilities

Ashutosh Vyas


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