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Well, People today think that they know what meditation is and sometimes even try to attach concepts like 'Its Hard to meditate', or probably 'Meditation is for Oldies' etc. 

On the other hand some view Meditation as a difficult task for which you need to set aside some time, which is really hard to find in respects to the lives we live in the modern world.

So today let me clarify a few concepts of what is NOT Meditation :

Meditation is absolutely NOT:

  • Concentration: It is defined as an attempt to fix the attention on a particular object or idea for a long period of time to improve focus.
  • Exercise: Physical exercises or postures are not necessary for meditation, although they help a lot in increasing the flow of energies during meditation or perhaps to prepare for meditation.
  • Mental Effort: If you are trying too hard not to think of a 'Monkey dancing wearing a red hat', no matter how strong you try to avoid, this thought will still come to your mind. Infact now this thought will become all the more stronger, because you are totally focused on Avoiding it and the Law of universe says, 'Energy flows where Attention goes'

So now you might be wondering, what the hell is Meditation and how do we learn it?

Simply put Meditation is all about 'Being in the moment' and 'Letting go of the mind'. You no longer make an effort to control your thoughts, let them come and go like clouds appearing and disappearing in the sky.

Consider this, To reach from say India to Dubai, you took a flight and while you were travelling there were a number of co-travelers in the flight, people at the airport, people in their cars while you were driving towards your destination, though you noticed it all but did not consciously made an effort to remember each and every thing you saw like the model of the cars, faces of the drivers etc but you still managed to reach your destination at ease. Now this is what I call as MEDITATION.

Your destination is to 'Relax' and not to consciously think about all the thoughts that pass through your mind which are exactly like the co-travelers, model of the cars or the drivers driving the beautiful cars etc.

When you simply observe the 'Thoughts' as simply a passing thought and do not give it so much importance, you will eventually reach your destination which is 'Relaxation' and My dear, 'Concentration' is a By-Product of 'Meditation' and not a prerequisite to it.

So the more meditative you are, better you will be able to concentrate at the task in hand in a very open an relaxed manner.

If you want to know more about Meditation and Simple ways to do it and If you happen to be in New Delhi, You are free to join the Shamballa Light Meditation circle, which is an organisation promoting meditation and channeled knowledge of the Maharishis (Masters of Shamballa) by organizing FREE WEEKLY MEDITATION MEET-UPS ACROSS DELHI-NCR. 

So Now, Since you have learnt the basics of Meditation, its now time to put this knowledge to use. To help you out I want to give you a FREE Meditation Download, its called 'Shamballa Light Meditation' and Its main purpose is to 'Send loving energies to Mother Earth for her healing' and when you do that, 'You not only create good karma but also are healed in the process of sending prayers across the universe'

The First part is the Shamballa Light Invocation, typically a Universal Prayer for Healing, Guidance and Protection which can be found on the first page of the channeled book 'Rising of the Light'. 

The Second part is the actual 'Shamballa Light Meditation'

Download it here:  

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Comment by Ankur Agarwal on September 1, 2013 at 12:22pm

Good to read the article as well as Indroneil Sir's comment. I some how agree more with Indroneil Ji.

Meditation has been a great journey for me. Beginning by focusing on breath in initial days, to focusing on the 3rd eye in Shambhavi, to now just being , enjoying within.. 

Just letting all things being.

Some how now a days when I sit for meditation, my whole body starts to vibrate, at times my head and neck, at times a lot of it in the spine.

Sometimes , I feel whether this is happening itself or am I doing it intentionally. 

Any how I do not consider that I am doing this.

Can you tell what is happening.


Comment by Indroneil Mukerjee on August 27, 2013 at 8:44am

Keeping a destination or objective in mind is also a deterrent to meditation. Getting relaxed is a by product of being aware and awareness is the outcome of any meditative practice.

The more important question is why meditate? When there is nothing to achieve? No where to arrive?

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