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What IS EFT – Healing Emotional and Physical Pain Quickly

What is EFT? Perhaps you’ve heard of it, or even seen it, yet you are wondering what it’s all about. You’ve arrived at the right place. Whether you’re dealing with emotional baggage and upsets or you have health difficulties, you can reap the benefits that EFT has to offer.

First, if you want to know what is EFT, you’ll find that EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Essentially, EFT therapy is a type of psychological acupressure that involves the stimulation of traditional Chinese acupuncture points. However, instead of using needles, it uses a technique of gentle tapping on these points.

Not only does EFT, also known as tapping, involve tapping on specific points. It also uses verbalization. It involves verbalizing the problem combined with a phrase of affirmation. Together the verbalization and tapping work to help balance your body’s energy system.

For those asking, “what is EFT”, balancing the body’s energy system is a way to alleviate both physical and psychological pain. This in turn allows the body to begin healing itself. The technique is safe, it’s easy to use, and it provides excellent benefits.

What is EFT? – The History

As you’re considering, what is EFT, it’s a good idea to take a look at the history. Gary Craig, a California personal performance coach, was the one to come up with the idea of Eft or tapping therapy. Craig had been working with Thought Field Therapy and came up with this one simple tapping pattern that simplified TFT to one practice.

Of course, while Craig was the first to come up with the specific tapping technique, the origins of this treatment go much deeper. When asking, what is EFT, you must go back to the beginnings of ancient Chinese medicine and the methods of acupuncture, which used needles on energy pathways or meridians to re-balance one’s Qi.

What is EFT and Who Can Benefit?

Now that you understand a bit more about what is emotional freedom technique and how it works, you may be wondering who can benefit from this technique. This tapping technique can help in many ways and can help with both emotional and physical problems.

If you’re dealing with emotional blockages or physical pain, you’ll want to learn more about EFT. It can help those who deal with relationship blocks, depression, phobias, fears, grief, and even addiction. EFT is even known to aid with weight loss. Physical problems it can help with include fatigue, pain, insomnia, anxiety attacks, and more.

Whether you are dealing with emotional problems on a regular basis or you have severe physical problems, when you find out more about what is EFT, you’ll definitely benefit from this simple technique. In studies that have been done, many people have decreased their pain, addressed emotional issues, and eliminated emotional pain.

As you’re considering, what is EFT, make sure you realize what it is not. It is not a technique that can replace mental health tests or counseling, it’s not hypnosis, and it’s not a form of prayer. It’s simply designed as a tool to ensure you find balance in life. Although it is not a cure all, it can significantly change your life.

It is possible to enjoy the benefits of EFT after finding out what is EFT. Keep reading to learn more about benefits, tips for practicing and more.

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