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Today if we need to be successful, we all need to have tremendous focus, peak performance in terms of energy and very clear positive thoughts.

Now these are not just ideas in your head, you have to actually give your peak performance every day at work. Only then, you will rise the ladder of your corporate structure.

The most important difficulty that we are facing these days (especially in the working class) is challenges in the physical body. There are days when we suddenly feel energetic and there are days when we feel extremely low on energy accompanied by Headaches, Body aches, Pain, Fatigue, Mood Swings, etc… all leading to ‘Low Performance’. So basically, there is no stability in Health.

Now, you might exercise or take energy booster drinks or drink more caffeine, alcohol or smoke to create more energy in your body but all of it is Transitional. It will last for only few minutes to few hours.

However, there is one thing which works at Deeper Cellular level. It programs us in a way that ‘we can have a lifelong High, Vibrant Energy and Enthusiasm’.

What is that One Thing?


Food is the easiest way to create lifelong habits for any age group Suresh Padmanabhan.

So welcome to Celebration – The Soulful Food Retreat with Suresh Padmanabhan in PUNE.

As mentioned above, a lot of us face challenges and changes in the body these days. And these challenges can easily be addressed by Food. Especially when the Food is eaten Consciously and with full Awareness.

Food in Ancient Scriptures has been called ‘Annamaya Kosha’.

It simply means – Food creates the body. Food creates the mind.

Body is the space where Energy can be created. So if you want to create euphoric energy, vibrant energy, powerful energy. If you want to remove dullness, lethargy and boredom from life, than FOOD IS THE EASIEST WAY TO DO IT.

Creating a Conscious Healthy Food Lifestyle changes everything else in our Life. Food is the deepest journey and also the most regular thing because we are eating every day. And when we are not eating, we might be thinking and deciding what next to eat? What will be our next meal?

Breakfast, lunch, snack, drinking tea, coffee, Juice etc is all part of our Food Journey.

We can easily create habits around our food that can change our entire life.

Every time we feel down, our performance falls in all areas of life. Because life is interconnected and the only connection is you. If you are not feeling Positive or Healthy or Energetic, you will not be able to work at home or office, you won’t be able to enjoy a vacation or a wedding!

Removing Mood swings, extreme Emotions, negative thoughts and infusing positive state can easily be done through food.

Therefore, at Celebration – The 3 Days Soulful Food Retreat, we are going to transform you from your current state to a HEALTHY, CONSCIOUS, VIBRANT, ENERGETIC INDIVIDUAL and even a foodie.

The beauty of our Celebration – The Food Retreat

Here we make small and meaningful changes in our daily life so that we change our very Unhealthy Lifestyle. We will program Healthy Food Lifestyle in just 3 days. It will go deeper in your subconscious mind.

Food is extremely vital part of our life. And sadly, there is so much unconsciousness associated with food these days. We do ten things at the same time and ‘Eating Our Food’ is just one of those ten things that we are doing! Such a mechanical approach to the most important element of our Life!

Needless to say that internet today is cluttered with all the false measurement and information around our health and food habits. All the information and commercials confuse us and we aren’t able to decide what exactly is good for our body.

And the experiements that we do with our health have their own consequences plus it drains us mentally, physically and financially.

Food should be Celebrated.

Food should be Soulful.

Food should be Prayerful.

Make it the most beautiful part of your life.

CELEBRATION – The Soulful Food Retreat is a 3 Day Food Journey With Suresh Padmanabhan, an Author, Mentor, Life Designer and International Speaker. He has transformed Millions of Life across this planet and continue to do so.

His Retreat are Exclusive, Small Group, One to One Coaching.

Your Powerful Experience Begins on 

Dates- September 6, 7 and 8 (Fri, Sat and Sun)

Place- Pune

Lot have already enrolled.

Since these journeys are Soulful, Experiential and Extremely Transforming,

Make sure that you are a part of it.

This happens only Once A Year!

Click Below To Register Quickly –

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