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The best cheesecake of Tokyo

Posted on 1 July 2020




Approximately 1 billion people eat chocolate every day!

Nine out of ten people from a bunch would say they love chocolates!

I for myself am a chocolate person.

And, did you know that chocolate contains several interesting psychoactive chemicals? These include Anandamide, a neurotransmitter whose name comes from the Sanskrit - "Ananda", meaning "Joy, Bliss, Delight".


Fun Fact: Anandamides stimulate the brain in the same way that cannabis does.


These surprising details boosted the fascination of one of my clients living all by himself in Tokyo, Japan.

Could you imagine a South Indian Tech guy who has lived in different parts of the world and living on the ready-made meals and processed food, would make the most amazing Chocolate Cheesecake in the entire Tokyo city? The answer, ladies and gentlemen is a big YES!!!

Needless to say, I assisted this person through the food skills for this particular recipe and more in an effortless happy way, almost like a soothing music piece! Let me take you through the story...


This professional (and a client of mine) holds an important position in a big Tokyo firm and hardly can spare out time to make meals for himself from scratch. Every time his go-to options would either include restaurant food or heating up the processed vegetable curries from the packets. Stars got aligned somehow and one day we both spoke at length to start the most incredible Culinary Journey. The guy did not even know how to operate the gas stove. So, I had quite a task at hand!

I started from the very essentials, which would instantly make him confident in the kitchen. Through our regular sessions, Mr. Techie made some sumptuous dishes from scratch. I would get immense satisfaction watching him this empowered day after day!

And one fine morning, I got a request from him that he would like to make a celebration cake for himself as it was his birthday the next day! And boy! Wasn’t I out of wits!! Let me just hear this one more time! This was the guy who a few days back did not know how to handle a knife or a gas stove and now was all out dreaming about making a birthday cake! With the bare minimum kitchen equipment, which could be expected in a flat allotted to any bachelor, we had to pull off a magical cake for his birthday.

The first expected comment about preparing a cake from his side was that he had no oven for baking. To this I replied and I quote, “Relax brother. There is no oven or baking involved!”

I must tell you he was so relieved after this statement that I could feel his gratitude in my heart instantly, well almost. After this, when I added that the number of ingredients involved was minimal and we will do the NO EGG cake (Vegetarian) he got thrilled!

Now, my dear readers the cake you see in the image above involves an elegant base of crumbled chocolate biscuits, a gentle folding of cream cheese, castor sugar, luscious melted chocolate, and also organic yogurt. All the hard work was done by the freezer (I could be modest here; you see). We just enjoyed the ride while he worked as an artist through it and I like a musician provided instructions!


I’ll leave you, people, with Food for Thought: - Without a spring foam pan or a cake mould, how is it possible to get the magnificent cake, like this that you see in the picture above? Leave your comments, and I would love to start a conversation after!

Stay happy with food!!!

Until next time!





I am a Happiness Culinary Artist and Fusion Food Designer. I make people cook with a smile on their faces. Food styling & photography are my favorite picks, as a gorgeous looking dish will win half the battle.


Do you need a joyful experience with food? If you say YES then I am listening.


Hit me up @ or just drop a WhatsApp @ +91-9711662532

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