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Time is a phenomenon, by means of which people can record and sense changes in the Universe and the environment. In this high-quality psychology essay we will tell about the notion of time. It is a line separating different events, which take place in the same physical area. It has been called a smooth-flowing continuum, a dimension or even an illusion. Timekeeping is a list of numerous standards used to measure time that allows people to keep their lives running smoothly and coordinate events. Throughout the history, human beings have needed the measurement of time and even used Sun cycles to calculate it. Later, devices for time measurement were becoming more difficult and accurate. Thus, timekeeping plays a significant role in the existence of the human civilization, and without it, any further development is impossible.

If to imagine the life without timekeeping, there would be two main changes in my life. Firstly, I would get up and go to bed together with the Sun. For me, the meaning of the “day” would change from a standard 24-hour period to daylight hours. When the Sun goes down, the day ends. Therefore, I would have to adapt my schedule to this new reality and to get used to getting up and going to bed early. Secondly, the absence of timekeeping would sharpen my senses. Since the measurement of time is still necessary at least at the elementary level, I would learn how to do it using the nature, plants, and the location of stars. From this perspective, I think that without the ability to track time, I would be much closer to nature.

As for changes in society that would occur without the measurement of time, I am afraid they would be more dramatic than the ones in my life. The existence of modern society is impossible without the ability to track time. In the history, all human civilizations started their development from the invention of instruments or mechanisms to measure time such as calendars, Stonehenge, and others. Therefore, buses, trains, or airplanes, any traffic, would be halted. The transportation system would face a global collapse and chaos since any transport has its own schedule and needs timekeeping. For example, without the latter, trains would collide with one another occupying the same track at the same time. Similar to me, the majority of people would get up and go to bed together with the Sun. Therefore, in different parts of the country, the sense of time would be different. In addition, farmers would not know a perfect moment for planting and harvesting.

To summarize, timekeeping is an essential element of the development of the human civilization. Without it, I would get up and go to bed together with the Sun. In addition, I think I would become much closer to nature. As for society, without timekeeping, it would suffer a global transport collapse.

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