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Being ' Mindless ' or being 'thought-less' : These are the tricks that the spiritual gurus use to pass on the buck on the disciple who fails to conform his experiences with those proclaimed by the Guru about a prescribed Sadhana..!!

You must have heard this anecdote :-

Once a Guru proclaimed that he knows a Mantra which can enable a person to turn invisible. A zealous disciple asked the Guru if he can try the Mantra... and the Guru happily shared a very common Mantra.. and prescribed that the Mantra be recited 108 times every evening continuously for 40 days.. and then the Mantra will get seasoned..!! The disciple touched the feet of the guru and was about to leave.. right then, the Guru said.. "please ensure that you should never think of a Monkey when you do the Sadhana..!! "

After 40 days.. the Guru asked his disciple... "So could you turn yourself invisible ?"
     " Alas.." said the disciple,.. ".. during the day, I never thought of a         Monkey.. but as soon as I started reciting the Mantra.. from        

      somewhere, the monkey invariably jumped in my mind..!!"

Hope, you know the tricks...! These conditions are naturally going against the nature of Mind and impossible to comply with.... Being ' Mindless' or ' thought-less' are gimmicks.!!

Beware..Don't fall prey to the Guilt they want to create..!

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