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Think again, if you are hurt or your ego is hurt?

One person came to me with the aggression problem. The first incidence of his aggression happened in front of me, before he started explaining. He called up a person for help and he had favoured that person in past. He wanted that person to help him in return but that person did not. It made him furious. he said, i would never help this guy in future etc. He did not respect my words. I asked him, if he has rejected his words or he has rejected him and he could not get the difference. I gave him an example, my fathers asks me to do something and I dont do that as I dont like that point but does not mean that I dont love my father or I am rejecting my father. He still was insisting that its a same thing. After lots of discussion he realised that he has been hurting himself a lot on what others do and when he finds anything which is against what he had expected he gets agressive and then he gets hurt. Generally when something happens against our expectations, we are aggressive. If we are able to take that aggression out we are able to exert our ego or else our ego is hurt and we feel we are hurt. We are so attached to our superficial ego that when it is hurt or dented somewhere, we feel we are hurt. However, understand, rejecting your point is not your rejection. No one can ever reject you or accept you. Because there is no difference between you or anyone else. At soul level everyone is same and when everyone is same, then no one can ever hurt you. However, in your ego, you keep yourself separate from others and you hurt yourself. You are not your ego. Be aware of your ego to rise above your ego. Once you know its ego, its no longer there and you will be full of love.

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Comment by Indroneil Mukerjee on August 28, 2012 at 1:04pm

Wonderful reminder.

Thank the awesomeness of being human, despite the chatter of ego, such words are still heard in precincts of human awareness.

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