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Do You Ever Realize that you are Searching for Something all the time?

Either we are searching for Answers or Options or Opportunities. 

But we are Searching for Something all the Time! 

And this very 'Search' brings New Chapters of our Life! 

For example, you go to office, enjoy doing your work, chill out with friends in evening. When you come back home, you think about the new project or the new vacation soon or even watching a new movie.  

Now, this Search is for 'Something New' leads us from one decision to another. 

While making these Decisions, we must keep in mind the COST that we pay for it?

'Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction'. It's a Simple Formula that we all Learned during Childhood.

What Consequences will your Decision bring?

What are you Searching for and where will it lead you?

To Answer this, we need a Tool that allows you to view the whole Picture of your Life Completely! 

Tarot Card Reading has been One Such Tool that helps you see through your Decisions. Very Clearly! 

It is like watching the whole city through the window of your apartment which is situated on the top floor of the tallest building in town. 

Imagine how easy and beautiful it is to overlook at the whole city because you are standing at the vantage point. 

This is exactly what 'Tarot Card Reading' does. 

Explore this and much more. 

If this idea intrigues you, come and be a part of 'Vedic Tarot Reading' Workshop with me - Ritambhara. 

On 13 & 14 May 2017. 

To Know More, 

Call +91 9953559330

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