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The Best Food Guide of Thailand

An Indian Food Lover in Thailand

Certain facts for You:


Close to 2 Million Indians took out exclusive time to visit Thailand in 2019


The number of Indian tourists heading to Thailand has doubled over the past five years


Having read these and many more alluring facts about Thailand, one day while having a drink with my dad, suddenly he jumps and blurts out of the blue; “Let’s go to Thailand and have the best trip of our life!” Hearing this I was almost ecstatic. Which son; especially the one who isn’t married would not jig to this offer? Also, it was the peak tourist season during December 2019, as we booked our tickets, packed our sexy beachwear, and boarded the flight to Bangkok.


OHH MY GOD!!! The first vibe you get after landing is that people are so courteous and willing to give you the best service. You get to a comfortable hotel, throw your bags, dress up to relax, and get down to business. This country is all about relaxing massages (I am not commenting on the sensual ones, rather the real Thai massages are soul-satisfying) and its immense love for FOOD. Of course, there is also the obvious and big reason for tourists to visit this country, but trust me on this: If you are a Food Lover like me, your Food experience will overshadow everything.


Being a Culinary Artist and an out and out appreciator of different cuisines, I was spellbound by the food spread across the streets of Thailand. Every corner shouted great flavors. I am a well-traveled person who never misses a chance to eat the strangest of food, but I bow down to the Country and People of Thailand for displaying the grandest warmth and hospitality on our visit.


Thai food is all about the five different flavors – sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter. It takes years of practice to learn how to create the right balance between all of them. A huge reliant is on the condiments out there to bring out a certain taste or to complement each other to some extent.

My eye noticed that the Bangkok streets had a good number of Pad-Thai stalls. This is a traditional rice noodle dish served with meats, eggs or vegetables and topped with condiments like sweet & spicy dips, dried chilly flakes, peanuts, a wedge of lemon, and many other interesting sides to enhance the taste of noodles. I hogged on Pad-Thai twice in a day for continuous 20 days and couldn’t find a comma or for that matter a full stop! You can consider Pad-Thai as handy, on-the-go, and super cheap street food. The fascination lies in the fact that it is prepared fresh in front of your eyes and you have full authority to omit or add ingredients according to your palate.   


I also saw elderly street hawkers serving noodles (gobble gobble) with the cutest smile on their faces. I missed capturing their smiles but can help you describe what it felt like. Think of an old person who’s laughing his/her heart out and giving you blessings along with their food.

My dear readers, I must tell you that I have had the sweetest mangoes on earth in the streets of Bangkok. The combination of juicy mangoes with typical sticky rice served on the carts, completely blew me off!! Could it be so difficult to combine mango pieces and rice and come out with such a mouth-watering combination?

Another hot favorite was Thai style Pineapple fried rice. Available in various meat options, this beautiful creation served inside a pineapple is eye-pleasing and satiating. Btw, this left me with a huge inspiration and now I often do my take on this fried rice dish. Another time and I will present to you my lovely version of Pineapple Fried Rice.

Moving on to yet another humble street food option. This one will satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s called Roti (Yes..that’s what Indians call at their homes and what Thai call out in the streets). This is a Thai pancake mostly filled with banana and topped with chocolate sauce.  

Visualize your food being prepared live with the freshest of ingredients and served to you in minutes with happiness written all over it? The joy with which the people of Thailand prepare and serve their food is beyond comprehension. The entwinement of nature and scrumptious food which I witnessed there each day, has given me a gift of a lifetime.


Having covered quite a lot of Thailand and experiencing the epitome of being an Epicure, I will rank my Thai food experience as stated above at the top of the table.

Guys, there is a major missing on your plates if you haven’t tried Thai food. Let me just put it this way: “Go the Thai way or your Highway!!!”


Cheers and always remember that food and happiness goes hand in hand.


If you would like to comprehend this at a deeper level, reach out to me.


Stay happy with food!!!

Until next time!



I am a Happiness Culinary Artist and Fusion Food Designer. I make people cook with a smile on their faces. Food styling & photography are my favorite picks, as a gorgeous looking dish will win half the battle.


Do you need a joyful experience with food? If you say YES then I am listening.


Hit me up @ or just drop a WhatsApp @ +91-9711662532

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