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Testimonials For Therapist & Healer Gita Jayakumar

Julie Buhite, USA.

Through working with Gita I have been able to accomplish what years of cognitive therapy did not arrive at. Like so many others, I suffered from childhood sexual abuse and other traumas. As the years went by, instead of my resolving the issues, they stubbornly remained embedded as more and more difficult experiences and memories accumulated inside of me. Then Gita came along and guided me rapidly through memories, sensations, thoughts and emotions using special techniques that I had no idea existed. As a result of two sessions over Skype – I’m in the U.S. and she’s in India – my traumas are not there anymore. What I was previously hypersensitive to no longer causes stress or turmoil. As a result of Gita’s work with me, I am regaining authenticity. I felt an immediate sense of something changing, of inner calm and steadfastness. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to really see how this new strengthening and confidence within me are taking hold in my life. By being able to now say “no”, I find that I am empowered and healed.

Jenny Sherrell (Holistic Counsellor,Integrated Counselling and Kinesiology),Australia 

This lady is an amazing therapist/healer! A few weeks ago, I felt very ill and overcome with exhaustion. I had been experiencing a dull ache in my stomach for over a year -tests showed up nothing. That night I felt so ill and exhausted that I couldn't finish some important work I needed to do for a client for the next day - I had to go straight to bed. At that moment Gita went on Skype with me and I told her what was happening. She offered to give me a session which I gratefully accepted - and within an hour all my symptoms had gone! I felt so energized I happily sat up to 3 am finishing my work and woke up the next morning feeling even better. It has been about 3 weeks and there's been no return of the stomach ache or the overwhelming tiredness. I can't thank you enough Gita - in gratitude.

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