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Subconscious reveals the mechanics of manifestation

Human beings are the most developed race of the Animal kingdom. This superiority, on the large extent can be credited to their amazing MIND, which holds the power of FOCUS and Attention. In fact it is the most incredible and miraculous  power of the Universe. You must have heard " wherever the attention goes , the energy flows". Buddha quoted it as " You are nothing but your thoughts". This quote is one of the biggest secret of manifestations. The great scientist Einstein gave the theory of "Mass energy equivalence" : which says matter can be converted into energy and vice-versa. Let's simplify and understand this in the light of thoughts, and their impact on energy. we are surrounded by invisible waves of energy or electromagnetic waves. Interestingly this energy is neutral, but is capable of taking any material form. Every thought we think also generates a wave of energy( inner waves). Once this inner waves collides with waves of universal energy field, the energies begin to condense and materialize into particle nature or material form. Now what form this energy will take is solely dependent on the thoughts, which generated the inner waves. So if you find your life unfulfilling in any way, be it money, health, relationship etc., You must not blame god or any external authority, because this all is being done by only 2 things.

Thoughts of your conscious mind (5%)

Beliefs of your Subconscious(95%)

Now the most important point I will like to stress is that; our traditional approach of positive thinking and motivation,  may not be enough to change our life, since they are activities of conscious mind, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Also the fact remains that, the  bulk of creation, manifestation or wave formation is still being done by the subconscious (which is the store house of belief). Unfortunately subconscious is also unconscious i.e. we are continuously creating things without our knowledge. It has also been so beautifully spoken by Bruce Lipton, who studied the huge impact of subconscious activities on our life. So with this knowledge, Let's sink deep within ourselves and understand that

"We are the creators of our own destiny".

Just stop wasting time in pointless anticipation of changing the world rather start organising the structure of your own subconscious mind. Remember you deserve an awesome life. I finish it by quoting my favourite poet RUMI

  "Yesterday I was clever so wanted to change the world.

    Today I am wise so I am changing myself.


Dr. Peeyush (Orthopaedic surgeon and Mind power trainer)

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sub conscious re-imprinting and mind power workshop on 29th and 30st JUly at Delhi

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