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Off late i have been wondering about all the new age courses that have come up relating to mind, body , atma, light body etc etc etc. It seems to me that every person is trying his best to ASCEND and make the best use of this time. But sometimes i get a little worried when people (so called Experts in the field) teach or make you practice some hard-to-understand techniques where in ultimately you feel a lot more exhausted mentally but at the same time the THIRST for which you were practicing the tecchiques still remains.

People wander from person to person, one group to another, one technique to another and keep on doing courses but PRACTICE NONE. I call this behavior as SPIRITUAL SHOPPING.

As far as spirituality is concerned i feel that all the paths lead to the ultimate ONE destination , so rather than testing and trying all the varied techniques we must stick to one and master it and not become 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. Even i have wandered from one place to another, technique to another but ultimately i guess a time comes where in the individual stops wandering and is ultimately guided to one path which is perfect to that individual SOUL.

So all you people out there who are still wandering, RELAX coz ultimately you are being guided in the right direction by your supreme masters and guides. But one thing is for sure that you have to PRACTICE the things you learn. Once you start practicing and If you feel connected to it STICK WITH IT else DO the things that makes you feel GOOD & CONNECTED.

Even eating your food with utmost love and gratitude can connect you to the SUPREME MASTER and his grace will start flowing. I hope my words connect with you and please drop your comments :)

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