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“The singular factor that affects all of Humanity, a factor that can start or stop wars, that can raise up civilizations and destroy them is SPACE WEATHER”. Space weather refers to the environmental conditions in Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere due to the Sun and the solar wind that can influence the functioning and reliability of spaceborne and ground-based systems and services or endanger property or human health.

Space Weather doesn’t only influence Humanity but also guides Humanity. Statistics show that when there are intense solar flares from space 82% of the times there is a downshift in the stock market 1 – 3 days later. These same flares also cause eruptions of violence between classes. It’s a completely natural phenomenon much like the full moon.

On a happier note when these CME’s (coronal mall ejections) from the sun reach our planet, humans are more likely to feel calmness and ultimate peace. The magnetic energy that comes from our sun actually elevates consciousness levels. The sun is connected to our collective consciousness, and if you stay away from the sun too often it might lead to depression and disconnection from the source.

This activity evidently affects everything on Earth and the Solar System, ranging from Earthquakes to Cyclones. Most large corporations and Governments around the world hire Professionals & Scientists in this field in order to predict activities on the planet.

In the recent years, especially since 2012 the Sun’s activity has drastically changed. Which I believe is really significant in the world today, whether we speak about the consciousness shift or the current Earth activity. There have been gazillion videos and pictures on extreme and really interesting cloud shapes from across the world, in the last 24 Hours Chile has had close to 12 Earthquakes alone. Things are getting intense but it is all for the good. :)

We all have those days where we are unable to understand why we feel angry or uncomfortable and have absolutely no idea why. From the entire list of things that a lot of us blame it on, you can now add Solar Flares in there. There is a lot of research done on the fact that solar flares help in evolution of Humans as they help you see your darkest sides. Realize that your ability to pin point your dark sides, your bad habits, your anger, your jealously, your hate is actually a gift. It is only once you realize that you can work on yourself, and once you start to you can get over your issues in a jiffy literally.

Now that we understand how important Space Weather is to us and to our Mother Earth – Gaia, how can you track it every day? Start to follow this channel called Suspicious Observers on YouTube, they do a 5 minute daily report the happening. You can thank me later! :pp

Understand that we are all united, and that you are directly connected to the cosmos. Everything that is given to you is in order to develop your soul. We are all in this together, be grateful every single moment.

Lots of Love & No Fear,

Shubhra Chaturvedi

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