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Pay attention to the use of household body fat scale

When using a household electronic body fat scale, to get more accurate measurement results, it is recommended to do the following:

1. The four electrode plates on the body fat scale need to be kept clean. Some body fat scales have four small wafers with metallic texture on the surface. This is the electrode sheet, which is in contact with the skin and used to measure the body impedance.

2. Enter the correct information of gender, height and age, otherwise the body fat scale can't accurately calculate the body fat according to the impedance value.

3. Try to measure at the same time and under the same conditions (including clothes, etc.). Because eating, drinking water, bathing and exercising will change the body resistance, it is best to fix it and measure it on an empty stomach after getting up.

4. Take off your socks and stand on the body fat scale (don't close your legs together). Don't be too wet on your feet (otherwise it will reduce the impedance value)

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