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Pay attention to the unit of measurement when choosing an electronic scale

Today, let’s talk about how to buy a kitchen weighing scales? If you are interested, let’s move on.

1. Material

The materials of the kitchen scale are roughly the shell and the internal material. First of all, for the shell, kitchen scales of different prices and different brands will use primary materials and secondary materials. In general, the appearance is like a matte. Most kitchen scales are made of secondary materials, and the price is generally cheaper than the electronic scales made of primary materials; the material of the bracket is divided into aluminum or iron. It is recommended that everyone choose aluminum brackets to provide better protection for kitchen scales.

2. Precision

For smaller kitchen scales, accuracy is the most important consideration when selecting. Generally speaking, the accuracy of a kitchen scale is one-fifth of its measurement, that is to say, if the accuracy is 0.1 grams, it is called 0.5 grams, and the error range is within plus or minus 0.3 grams. Most kitchen scales on the market have a maximum weight of 3 kg, and a very small number reach 5 kg. You can choose freely according to the precision and measurement you need.

3. Unit of measurement

Compared with real smart electronic scales, although kitchen scales can achieve the best accuracy, they may not be able to outperform everything in function: the kitchen scales on the market today have only a single unit of measurement, not metric (gram, Kilograms) are imperial (ounces, pounds), and each user's habits are different. Therefore, in this case, everyone must pay attention to the measurement unit when they buy electronic scales. If they are used to measuring in grams, but they purchase an English kitchen scale, they will wait to cry when converting. Tears.

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