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Parent Child Holiday Blooming Guide (Not just survival)

Holiday can be a stressful time for many parents; how to engage kids in constructive activities, how to take time from their busy schedule, plan family outings or holiday etc takes the priority.

When you have so much going on in your mind, it's naturally going to be overwhelming! Few years back, I used to be in the same bandwagon and make it stressful for myself. Then I decided to take holiday as an opportunity to connect and develop stronger bond with my family.

Holiday can be a time of rejuvenation for everyone (inspite of your work), a time to reconnect and connect deeper with your children and spouse. There is no need of hush rush of anything. No school, so we can just relax and learn to enjoy every moment of our holiday time.

Here's guide to have the most amazing holiday with your family and truly rejuvenate!

# Priortise:

When having fun and enjoyment with family is your prime priortisation, everything else takes back seat. Finish off any urgent projects and keep some days for 100% relaxation and commit to that. 

Your Mantra: Joy and connection is my priority.


When you're out on holiday, it is not about seeing all the sights, or not missing anything out. It's about enjoying every bit of  journey and where you're present more than the fun of destination .

Your Mantra: Joy is in the presence.

# Chill mom n dad:

Even the working mums, can just take it easy and keep your focus on just enjoying all the time you spend together, rather than stressing over holiday homework or any othe thing get done. The more relaxed you are, the better the work that needs to be done, get done.

Your Mantra: I can completely chill and relax, at least for few days.

# Have no Agenda:

Empty yourself of any agenda, if you normally do have agendas for your holiday. This is the time to just flow with the moment and feel the joy of each ordinary moment.

Your Mantra: Nothing needs to get done or accomplished!

# Let ordinary come alive:

Do not strive for anything extraordinary. Just feel the wonder and marvel of an ordinary life. Feel the joy of tasting mango, melon and watermelon. Feel the infinite pleasure of a hug or touch of a hand. Join in the wonder of your child watching the sun rays playing with the dust, the beauty of a flower.

Your Mantra: Ordinary itself is extraordinary, as life is.

# Laugh together:

Laugh together on jokes, on funny dances, on games, on water fight, on rhymes, on movies, on pillow fights, on pranks, on mistakes, when the cake got burnt or something goes wrong. There is no better way to connect and re-energise than fun and laughter.

Your Mantra: Everyday laughter is the best nutrition for my body, mind & soul.

# Make things:

You don't have to be a chef or an artist to start doing things together. Bake a cake or make ice-creams together this summer. Draw monkeys on paper, paint a canvas or pots or just doodle with your child. Most children love to do art and craft stuff. Check out my 7 fantastic activities to do with kids in summer holidays.

Your Mantra: There's more satisfaction in doing rather than just having.

# Play, Play, Play:

With the heat on max, if you can't plan picnic or games outdoors, don't get discouraged. Play board games, play badminton or table tennis indoor or even X-box with your kids. They will definitely beat you and love winning. The whole idea is to play together, does not matter what you play!

Your Mantra: Play is when God is having fun himself :) 

# Create memories:

Click pictures of yourself and kids doing funny things, making stupid faces, silly dance moves and what not.

In the last week of holiday, print the pictures and create a holiday album together to watch in next holiday:)

Your Mantra: Memories are a source of joy for my 'self'.  

Remember, the whole focus is on joy, connection and fun. If you've some great ideas to make holiday even more fun, please share.

Much love and have a great holiday!

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