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Happy New Year - Our Report For 2015 and Plans for 2016

Let me start with Wishing You a very Happy, Abundant and Healthy New Year 2016

My Blog today is a bit different in that it’s a personal letter from me to you. Let me start by saying, “Thank you” for being such a valued member of our NewAge Wellness World community. I personally appreciate your support.

I wanted to talk with you today about several things that we’ve been working on for the last year. Recently you might have noticed a few minor changes to the websites where we implemented your recommendations for improvement. We asked, you answered and we responded. We greatly appreciate your inputs which allow us to constantly improve our sites for you.

First let’s talk about the various empowering events from The NewAge Foundation. We have always endeavoured to serve you through our events in the 3 min categories i.e. Personal Growth, Alternative Healing Modalities and Spiritual Growth programs. We have been able to maintain the best and the finest faculty from all over the world to provide you the most experienced and seasoned coaches for each subject.  Several fantastic NewAge Workshops & Courses were conducted over 2015 helping 1000’s to transform & evolve.

Our Publishing Division The LightWorks Publishing has managed to collect the wisdom of about 50 of the finest minds in from the world to produce a masterpiece “Holistic Wellness In The NewAge” which gives a in-depth look into most of the subjects that are covered by us. The collective wisdom has created such a magnificent scripture in its category that its today ranking on the No.1 position among Bestsellers on “Holistic Medicine” category on Amazon India. Just a couple of years old in the publishing business we have managed to publish almost 15 titles which are distinguished in quality & content. We promise to continue the glorious tradition in 2016 and have lined up many life transforming publications which you will see very soon starting with a amazing book on Ozone Therapy probably as soon as January last week. We have infact now two books in the Top 5 Bestsellers under Holistic Medicine! Bryant Meyers PEMF Book is on Bestsellers Chart since 2014 and still going strong!

Our Wellness Devices division has been constantly sourcing the best wellness products from the industry all over the world and making them available to you. Our star PEMF products from Swiss Bionic Solutions GMbH Switzerland have been becoming increasingly popular and have helped many people live a healthy and drug free life. The company has enhanced the bestselling iMRS range with a latest Android based version the Omnium1 and has made it much more affordable with a cutting edge technology. Our bestselling Diagnostic & Therapeutic products from Traditional Chinese Medicine categories also were very well accepted and this year we will introduce many new cutting edge technologies from USA, Japan & Europe to enhance this range of devices.  Our Omnium1, Aculife, ATMA & MF Headcare Appratus were introduced and accepted by many reputed facilities like Apollo Hospitals Chennai, Yog Gram Haridwar,  Seven Hills Hospital Mumbai etc and we were able to expand our range of affiliated Wellness centers to over 16 in India. Over 100 individual users also embraced these technologies over the last year.

We also plan to introduce highly evolved certified courses in Acupressure & Electro AcuPuncture as well as other Energy Medicine Techniques in 2016


To make the sites easier for you to navigate, we’ve eliminated the need to sign in to access the inspiration on our site. And, we’re providing additional options to receive our inspiration:

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Many of you have asked how you can help us continue to provide high-quality inspiration and help us grow.  Here are 4 simple things YOU can do right now to help…

Tell people about The NewAge Foundation. Through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any of the many other social media option, please share us with your tribe. Also, a personal email from you to your email list is a powerful way to introduce us to others and help us inspire more people.  For those with large email lists or social media followings, we’d especially like to talk with you about sharing our message with your list. Do get in touch with us. We have also introduced a Referral Rewards Program to reward you in your kindness.


– Contribute your brilliance! We’re always looking for outstanding inspirational Luminaries. If you’re interested please write to us. Also, feel free to recommend other Luminaries you’d like us to feature in the blogs section below.

Blog with us! Recently we created a guest blog Over the next few weeks we have expanded that area to include fresh  content from some new faces. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, please email us at

– Book Our Faculty to Speak- Speaking to your corporate or civic group allows us to share our message with more people and grow our community.

It is our intention to keep our inspiration available for everyone and with your help, I feel confident that we can continue to do so. Please feel free to share your suggestions with us on how we can continue to improve our sites. In an effort to continually improve, please tell me what you like and what doesn’t work for you. We’re here to listen anytime. We’re here FOR you and truly want to inspire your world. Please, share your ideas with our Team whenever you have any

Thank you again for being part of the community and for caring and sharing your thoughts with us. We invite you to comment here and get the discussion going within the community. 


Thanks again and know that we love and appreciate your support.


Sandeep Goswamy

Team NewAge

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