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Open Letter to the PM of India, From a Mother who lives in Constant Fear

Dear PM Sir,

Hope this letter from a random woman in your country brings you face to face with the reality of plight of Indian girls and women. For ‘being aware’ and ‘being in action’ are two different things!

We celebrated the 70th year of Indian Independence this year. Today I feel Freedom is yet to be achieved. For I believe the women of India are still not free.

As a young girl, in my teens, I remember celebrating Independence Day with full zeal and enthusiasm. I was proud of my country and countrymen. Feeling of pride is never taught; it is born within, for something or someone we feel is worth it.

But today, as a mother, I feel ashamed and sorry for my daughter. ‘Ashamed’ because I am raising my daughter in a country where lust for skin does not seem to end! ‘Ashamed’ because even a 3 or a 4 years old girl is looked upon as an object of gratification. ‘Ashamed’ because a girl is taught to mind what she wears than teaching boys to respect girls. Yet ‘Ashamed’ because the molesters, the rapists, the abusers are still on loose; awaiting another target somewhere.

And ‘Sorry’ because even the law has failed the women of this country by letting the culprits walk free with minimal punishment.

We talk about ‘Women Equality and Women Empowerment’. I still fail to understand what exactly does everyone mean by that?

Does that limit to sharing household responsibilities by the opposite sex? And at a few places, empowering women to go out and work! Is this all about ‘Women Equality and Women Empowerment’?

Without a second thought and a firm belief, I say, the women and girls of this country will be empowered the day they would be able to walk free on the roads of India; any village, any city, any state, without the fear of being stalked, molested or raped.

Women will be empowered in all respect when they would be taught not to become a victim to domestic violence; when the safest place in our country for us would be wherever we are.

Sir, with all due respect, we appreciate the achievements and developments, you along with your officials, have brought in the country. Yet my heart still skips a beat and a new fear sets in when I read the newspaper, watch television news or over hear another incident of rape or violence against women.

Recalling a fresh episode of a 4 years old girl being raped in a moving bus of a private school last week, I am shaken to the extent of feeling how unsafe is our country not just for women but also for young girls. The news was heart breaking.

Another story that picked up my attention was an article in the newspaper about women and girls (as young as 10 years old) being beaten, raped and assaulted in government shelters. Their ordeal of being dragged, abused, beaten mercilessly and raped was nothing close to humanity.

Women who are homeless and sleep on roads also live under constant fear. Police constables force them for sexual favours. If they do not comply the woman is put behind bars on false accusations.

These are just a few to mention. There are hundreds of such episodes that are suppressed because the law either delays justice or fails the expectation of the victim for justice.

Days will pass by and become months. All these incidents will become just news from the past. People will have something to talk about for years to come. But nobody would care that a life was ruined!

Reality Check - Is this the country of our dreams? Certainly No!

We live in a new world; a new order; a new era. We were taught in school that a change is always good. But irony is when I look around and see the change in our country, time and again, humanity has appeared at its ugliest.

Mother’s don’t pray for a daughter to be born anymore. For she knows she would do her unjust if she is not able to save her from the cruel hands of rapists, molesters and abusers; whom can be hidden anywhere around the corner, unseen, unheard, waiting for a new target every now n then.

How I wish, before I bid a final goodbye to my life, I can walk the roads of my country without any fear, what-so-ever!

That would be the day I (and probably every women of this country) would proudly celebrate the essence of freedom.

Awaiting to be a part of a Fearless World!

A Daughter of India and A Mother who Lives in Constant Fear








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