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I have observed that almost everyone who is spiritually oriented has been conditioned with some tricky notions. One such misleading notion is about mind. The spiritual minded persons are taught to keep away from Mind.. They treat their Mind in a way as if it is their enemy.. The so-called Masters propagate to ignore or crush the mind. They say.. Ignore the Mind.. 


I wonder, how can one afford this..?  We can never explore any reality this way..


Let us understand the role and importance of our mind .  Let us assume that our Spirit is an alien entity and it visits the world on the planet Earth. ( In fact this is not just an assumption; this is a core finding from the experiments in the field of Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences that we are alien spirits and we come on earth to learn its properties).


To be able to explore the Earth, it has to adapt to certain local conditions. We have seen the astronauts on Moon had to wear a special space suite.. Same way, the spirit cannot explore the world by it self. It has to conduct its exploration through a special conveyance.. The spirit has to travel through a vehicle (physical body) and explore through senses and Mind. The senses are our scanners that receives the outer stimuli and mind is to scrutinize and experience, find meaning .. Mind is the Driver that governs the Vehicle (body) throughout the journey. 


Thus Mind is not our enemy, it is a tool that we have accepted to explore the world. Mind enjoys the franchise of the Spirit. Mind is in deed our Journey Operator.

As long as the Mind keeps observations in pure form, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is with its tendencies.. The tendencies temper with our observation and create illusions and wrong manipulation..

So, let us keep conscious about it that Mind is our precious tool. Mind is the driver of our vehicle. It is not to be neglected.. If we ignore the Mind, the whole purpose of learning through this wonderful trip on the Earth can go futile..!!

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