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The Class Apart Vegetable: Bitter Gourd


Bitter Gourd falls in the category of Immunity-Boosting Foods and is a rich source of vitamin C

Bitter Gourd also qualifies as a weight-loss food due to its remarkable nutrient profile

Bitter Gourd juice helps to retain the sheen and luster of your hair


There’s much more to this wondrous fruit cum vegetable and by all means, it needs to move out of everybody’s hate list now.

Allow me to share a slice of my life and tell you a really fascinating story.


My parents being doctors, have kept super busy all their life and especially managing a full-fledged hospital is like next level shit!!! So I and sister have been literally raised by a lady, who came in as a domestic help but turned out to be the biggest blessing of our life. BTW, this doesn’t mean that our parents didn’t give a rat’s ass during our childhood..ROFL!!! The medical profession takes a huge toll. Anyway, coming back to our upbringing. So this lady, whom we call Didi (elder sister in Hindi) took really good care of me and sis. I mean right from feeding us, to taking all our shit (literally as well..Lol!) and pampering us big time. I owe her so much for love and motherhood.


Did I mention that she cooked with a lot of heart? She’s been doing that for like eternity. A culinary master like me cannot turn a blind eye to this, but willingly become a student and learn some exquisite dishes from her. So I did that, without wasting a minute, I gave her a call early morning to seek her willingness to teach me. She being the always sweet Didi, agreed and invited me over.


There’s this Bitter Gourd recipe which she’s mastered. My family members in particular swear by this recipe of hers. How could I shy away and not learn this? So bang at the promised time, I was at her door. You know sometimes I cannot contain myself, especially when I see a golden opportunity to learn food. I told Didi to just instruct and not get involved in the cooking process, to which she was hesitant, but understood finally. C’mmon man..she has seen me grow big and being a house help, how could she imagine giving me instructions.


Piece of STRONG ADVICE for all the upcoming chefs and food lovers: Whether you go to a fancy culinary school or become a self-taught artist, you gotta be humble and undertake every task related to the recipe. Chopping, grating, cooking, moping, doing the dishes, etc etc…top to bottom everything. You can’t be like; I’ll just do the cooking part and winding up is not my job. This attitude ain’t taking you anywhere my friend!!!


My reason for giving you the STRONG ADVICE is that, despite knowing a lot about cooking, I got into the shoes of an innocent student and did every task related to the bitter gourd. And I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit. When a student, always have an empty glass.

Now let me do some serious food talking. This particular recipe is all about slow cooking. Patience is the master key here. People who lack it, try this recipe at your own risk, LOL. Not even once, and I mean it, not even once the flame knob was on a medium or high. It was perpetually on a low. Slow cooking is my forte and that must explain why I insisted on learning this dish only.           


Didi doesn’t even bother to name her dishes, but people would call it stuffed Bitter gourds. Now the artist inside me would not gulp down on this simple name. So after learning and tasting it, I called it “Melt in the mouth Vegetarian meat”. I wish food could be tasted through blogs, then you would have understood how a bitter gourd melts in the mouth.


Every element of this dish was divine. I can put my hand to heart and swear by the flavors. You know something…Individuals like my Didi are the hidden gems of Indian Culinary world. The fact that they don’t even know their talent, is itself magical.


If your mouth waters after reading this blog, show your love with comments.

If you wanna know how to be joyful around food, I’m your man!!!

Stay happy with food!!!

Until next time!



I am a Happiness Culinary Artist and Fusion Food Designer. I make people cook with a smile on their faces. Food styling & photography are my favorite picks, as a gorgeous looking dish will win half the battle.


Do you need a joyful experience with food? If you say YES then I am listening.


Hit me up @ or just drop a WhatsApp @ +91-9711662532

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