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Love is never wrong. Its our belief system, which defines it as right or wrong.



I met a gentleman  for whom if a girl or boy falls in love, they do not have a good character or they have a lose character. I am so amazed at this thought, how can falling in love be of lose character. It is a natural process and that is every creature and every being falls in love in this world. If they would stop falling in love, this Universe would stop growing. Universe wants people to fall in love and that is why it is designed this way or else, it would not have been designed. We have bound everything so much, we do not like anything beyond our belief system and the bindings imposed by us. One girl fell in love with a monk and she decided that if he will not marry her, its fine for her but she will live her life in his love. Now as per society, or few people, this might be wrong but who defines right or wrong, ask the girl who is in love. The onlookers say, its a very wrong thing and should not be encouraged and her only argument was, I am not forcing myself on anyone or anything. I can keep loving silently and spend my life in same love. Love is always always pure but we adulterate it with our greed or ego and then its no longer love and that is why when we compare, we feel its not love, we can see only greed or ego and we try to scare people away of that love. I am not judging anyone, but love should always be encouraged instead of scaring away. You cannot bind what's there everywhere. Can you bind air or water? If no, you cant bind love too. If you want society to improve, love is the only way but yes you must discourage greed, ego, jealousy, love knows no such things. Love is always pure, do not judge it with your belief systems and define it under the parameters of right or wrong...let it flow freely without boundaries...this world would become one.

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Comment by Neelam on October 6, 2012 at 2:51pm

Hi Sheetal, I read the nuggets of thoughts you post in The New Age Foundation. I had written you through mail also, I really like you outlook. I also believe in such spiritual thoughts. I would love to meet you some time and if we could do something to spread such messages across. Getting to meet a like minded (and a person with spiritual soul) person is a great pleasure.  

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