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This is my major feeling of the hour; the heart just won’t stop crying. It is painful and beautiful at the same time. I thought I should share with you how it feels, I don’t mean to sound mushy or ridiculous but if the romance makes me sound cheesy please excuse me. I grew up in Delhi kind of confused, with a major influence of Bollywood in my life. I would hope to have a love life as intense as a Bollywood Movie and believe me I got it! But unfortunately the Law of Attraction works quite precisely and with the Love in most movies there is also the drama.

We live in different cities and I hardly get to see him once in a blue moon, but when I do time stops. When he holds my hand my pre frontal cortex shuts down. He is the one person in the world who I am completely myself with; I put my imperfections, insecurities and fears on a platter and give to him every time we meet. He carefully picks each and every one of them and untangles them to show me their beauty. I have struggled with self-doubt and inferiority complex for years till before I met him. He came into my life and made me meet myself.

Enough about me, if I were to speak of him... He is my most favorite man in the world. The son, the boyfriend, the brother, the boss, the friend – He fulfills every role beautifully without letting anyone lay their eyes on his pain. Everyone is nice to their immediate family and friends what really makes me his fan is the way he behaves with the needy on the road and his cats and dogs. I have never ever heard him say anything bad about anyone we know or meet in the last 6 years of knowing him and I do not think his judgment function is operational. He makes me want to be a better person every single day... to be worthy of being his companion.

He is pretty much the reason I started my spiritual journey, our love opened to me a world I never knew existed. It made me believe in divine orchestration of each event, with this I mean the good and the bad events in our life. We have fought a really tough battle so far and have learnt a hell of a lot together. I can pretty much say he is my twin flame as things have pretty much been completely shook up in our lives since we have been together. But would I choose any other way? No! Hell no… I am really proud of who I am today and the man I am with. We have also attracted in our lives friends who I can call our tribe today, friends who would stand by us no matter what. The love I have felt from my tribe is way beyond what I have felt in my immediate family. It almost feels like we were family in another time. That is one hell of a feeling. :)

Do not ever give up on a love like that, it will hurt at times…yes… but the way it will heal you will make you so grateful. Its bitter sweet... but I would go to hell and back for him. It’s my reason to live because I believe we together would make the world a better place to live in. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

Lots of Love and No Fear!

Shubhra Chaturvedi

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