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Karuna Reiki - An act of Compassion with Wisdom

karuna means an act of compassion with divine wisdom.Usui reiki is the base of karuna reiki.karuna reiki is a further expansion of usui reiki but its energies are different than usui reiki and goes deep into the recipient but it gives very good results when combined with usui reiki. william lee rand developed the karuna reiki.
karuna reiki is oneness in all and must be accompanied by wisdom to have the right makes the recipient more receptive for divine energies and healing.It presents wonderful possibilities to our lives but we must be willing to let go old ways, only then we can enjoy the benefits of karuna reiki.
it helps us harmonize the upper and lower chakras, so when we do discern the guidance and wisdom from divine, we can move it into the physical realm for manifestation, which helps in having trust in our life and creator.And then we don't have any fear and there is only peace.
when we go through some trauma in our life,our soul gets fragmented.our memory cells collect the memories of those trauma or stress and recall them when we face a similar type of situation, in our life.karuna reiki energies helps in releasing those memories from our cells.It also helps on mental and emotional level.this helps us to create healthier responses for our life situations.
during karuna reiki workshop,if the recipient is fearful, working on relationship issues, many higher level angels, archangels and ascended masters make their presence feel.Angels help in transforming the difficult situations of recipient's life.Archangel Gabriel heals their karmas and enhance their clairvoyance.
when i got my 1st level initiation, during meditation,in the presence of higher angels, i was allowed to ask any question of my life, that was bothering me.i asked my question but was not sure about the reply.and within 15 days,i actually got my reply, and i got a new direction in my life.
karuna reiki 1st level symbols work on past life issues, child abuse, cellular healing, receptivity, universal compassion, relationships, addiction, soul retrieval, harmonizing upper and lower body chakras, manifestations, grounding, space clearing, and many more.
karuna reiki is a precious gift for all human beings as it gives us opportunity to heal your emotions, blocks, karmas,life and ultimately our helps to lift our soul towards higher dimension of love, of no judgment, of no greed and of no selfishness.

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Comment by Thomas Smith on August 16, 2012 at 11:23pm

I got to read more about KARUNA REIKI in your blog. It will surely help beginners to gain more knowledge.

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Comment by Megha Dinesh on September 2, 2011 at 1:07pm
I recently had my attunement to level -1 of Karunaa reiki. It came across to me again at a crucial time (i feel very fortunate and blessed to have always a door opened to me during my interesting times of life.). A deep connection with a person whom at this point I have to let go off had been very difficult. During the process I realized that it wasn't only this life but we even in my past lives we had a very strong connection with a great indepth. Also I have to let go off my reluctance in helping his soul to evolve and finally when I agreed there was so much stillness and happiness which resonated my every cell is impossible to be described through the limitations of the end I'm in a process to accept and acknowledge and move on to embrace life...

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