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Karma Clearing- Drop the Past -Experience Love Now

As some of you may be aware, life has been very challenging for me in the U.S. for the past few months,taking care of my father and trying to do my practice and work as sincerely as possible given the situation
Since my main motivation has been to help individuals see and then clear their personal karmic proclivities, it was rather fitting to suddenly be invited by a renowned group of EFT practitioners to host my own 
bi-monthly show titled Karma Clearing: Complete Your Past, Experience Love Now.
Karma clearing is my own little twist on combining ancient wisdom to remember who they truly are, the vastness, beyond ego identification. This is the shortest route to experiencing  present moment awareness without the baggage of the conditioned patterns that we come to acquire in our evolution. These tools will be used in my show in conjunction with EFT.
On certain shows I will focus on interviewing other EFT experts, although on some shows,  I will accept volunteers to tap certain themes. You can sign up on the site to volunteer for a  tapping session on the show.
Check out the details at 
You can listen to my first show live on November 13th at U.S. Pacific time 8AM (which is Nov 13th 7:15PM Indian time). 
Incidentally, EFTRadioonline has been rated the No.1 EFT show on BlogTalk with 613000 hits. Last month alone, there were 40,000 active listeners and almost an equal number of downloads post the live shows.

I look forward to seeing you all at my retreats and workshops when I head back to India in April.
Until then, Stay Clear, Stay Present!

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