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Lately, with the current financial transformation in the country there has been a sense of panic among many regarding money which gives rise to many questions.

Yes Money is important! It is great to buy a beach house and you feel so happy to give the keys to your loved ones or buy a luxury car and enjoy the long drive!

But the questions arise: Why do people run incessantly after money? When do you say ‘I have enough’?

The fact is, what appears like people running after money is actually are running after what money can buy that they believe would give them happiness, stability, security and acknowledgement!

Think about this: when you have hunger within, you look for food outside. When you have thirst within, you look for water outside, on the same note. And when you have poverty consciousness within, you look for money outside.

It is a human tendency friends, We look for outside what we lack within!!

When you believe money will make you powerful, the idea works for a short time but the ‘feel good’ factor is not permanent. Why? It is very Simple, because you are not addressing your inner fear. Fear of lack, Fear of rejection, the prevalent conditioning ‘Not Good Enough, you are not strong enough/ rich enough/ smart enough/ safe enough etc etc... and very soon you find yourselves running after more and more without any stopping...

What is the definition of ‘Financial Freedom’ for you?

Does it mean freedom from having to work, but still enjoy all life’s dreams without worrying about money?

Does it mean having your basic costs of life covered so you can actually do what you wish to pursue?

Why do you need more and more..? What is enough for you?

You have to understand that the happiness lies within and that is where all the drama starts. If you are looking for means of materials that will free you of any emotional stress then you are on the wrong track. Materials can help/facilitate your basic needs but what about emotional needs that open the doors of internal happiness and peace?

There are many people who have millions of dollars in their banks, ask them if they feel adequately happy and full. You will be surprised to know majority of them will say despite all their needs are taken care of, they still lack something within that gives them ‘Emptiness’.

Take a pause, and reflect on ‘Do you have enough?’ Are you remotely controlled by society? Have you given your remote to others to operate you? Are you ‘Living your life or spending your Life’?


Friends, it is time to give yourself freedom from all that is holding you back, that is making you feel like a zombie?

It is ok if it requires some psychological changes, clearing of old conditioning, cleansing of stuck energies in the ancestral line, mastering mental and emotional resiliency and some more major factors. And when you are operating from the seat of Gratitude it gives you more momentum to reach your goals much much faster. Lock this truth in your heart and mind that wealth outside will follow when we understand wealth within ourselves!

Until next time! With Much Love Light and Peace

Harry and Navana

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