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If I ask you, see my hands or face or eyes? You can do that easily..yes?

But if I ask you to see ME, what are you going to look at?…Think…Are you going to look at my eyes? My nose? My mouth? My head? Which part?? WHERE AM “I”?

What you see is your own perception of me but the TRUTH is you can NOT see me. You can have idea of me but that is NOT is Your idea of me. ‘I’ am something else that you have no access.

That is the reason why two people can not have same definition of one person. What they describe is there own experience and understanding of that person. It has nothing to do with the other person.

The Big Question Now

if you cannot truly see me, understand me, define me then WHY so many judgements, blames, opinions, criticism, conclusions?

It is time to start going inwards, start seeing your own Self, talking to the Self, eliminating the dust of judgements, opinions and criticism, letting go of people who have tricked you, hurt you, victimized you or wronged you in the past…

Come and join us to understand the art and science behind this ongoing drama in everyone’s Life… The Game of Karma that you cannot escape!

With Much Love Light & Progress! Until next time…
Harry and Navana

“Successful people do not let other people’s opinions become their reality. Create the Reality YOU Desire for yourself!” – Harry and Navana


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