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Live Longer Younger With PEMF Therapy - Sandeep Goswamy

Good health is one thing in which each and every one of us strive—it implies living much longer, much better life. Working towards good wellbeing is a regular process, and it entails both mental and physical maintenance. (PEMF)  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy will keep your body in order, helping to wash away the mental and physical impacts of stress, and also keeping our internal organs functioning more effectively. With regular health maintenance, the body will respond to slight imbalances before they become incapacitating.

All of the thirty trillion cells in the human bodies have a lifespan – some are replaced on a daily basis , others weekly , others on a yearly basis , while some only every seven years . It is an essential aspect of health maintenance that we ensure that new cells are ‘born’ into a healthful tissue environment. It is likewise very important that old cells die, as they ought to. This is the cycle of life, and daily use of PEMFs could help keep the cycle functioning efficiently.


Preventive Care

Taking good care of health issues when they occur is definitely the key to keeping the body healthful. Ignored problems – or accumulated stress – unbalance the body rapidly and will tend to cascade into new ailments, creating a downward spiral of deteriorating wellbeing. Problems inside the body have levels of involvement and various tissues are involved in any given injury. The level of participation is often considered when it comes to levels or layers: the physiological level, the physiologic energetic level, the pathologic level, and the pathophysiological level.

The analogy we are going to utilize is that of a common cold. When a cold is first beginning, most people feel a vague feeling of illness or distress, with no specific sense of exactly where or perhaps what the problem is. This is actually the energetic level. The moment a cold starts to develop a sore throat, runny nose, or slight temperature, the infection has relocated to the physiologic level. Once the infection is allowed to develop inside the body, it might result in pneumonia, bronchitis, rhinitis, and so on. This is actually the pathophysiologic level, which is where most chronic issues are being stuck. More importantly cellular impairment results in organ and tissue malfunction, which is regarded as the pathologic level.

Therapies directed at a challenge which is at the energetic level are usually more dramatic and very likely to produce responses quickly. Daily use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy will help the body stay well and rebalance problems before they advance through the levels of sickness.



Another benefit of daily use of magnetic PEMF therapies is its actual capability to safeguard our bodies from electrosmog. All these harmful frequencies – originating from things such as mobile phones, power lines, hair dryers, wireless signals, and microwaves – are insidious and unavoidable, that have powerful effect on the body, draining our energy and also adding more to our stress. It will be almost impossible to stay away from all these frequencies. They are in fact everywhere you go, and they pass all through us, all day, and each day.

Considering the fact that we cannot avoid electrosmog, we must instead add frequencies to the body so that we maintain balance. PEMFs could trigger the body so that it maintains its healthful frequencies, helping to make the body more resistant to the impacts of the electrosmog.

Health maintenance with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is made much simpler with daily use. Daily use doesn’t require us to play catch-up. Imbalances could be rebalanced before we even become aware of them. Nature has a propensity to kick us even as we’re down. PEMFs will help prevent us from going down in the first instance.

Sandeep Goswamy

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