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Now is the Time to express ! 

This is one of the first sentences while I begin my Sessions ! 

Once you express your Truth, it makes you feel Light as Air.

You feel like Flying. You feel relaxed.

It might seem as if you dropped the two containers that you have been carrying since many years on the shoulders. 

In my Journey, I realized how important it is to help someone express their true Genuine Feelings. When we Express Our Feelings, we find our way. I remember the time when I did not know what to do, where to go, I was very confused and had no direction in Life! 

My Mentors helped me Express these feelings in the best possible manner. 

What Happened Next?

I found my path .....  on my own.

Nobody directed me to go here or there. They just helped me release the Blocked Energies/state of mind and I could see a whole new range of colors in my Life.

Eventually, I took up the path of facilitating others and discovered many ways to do the same. One of the Tools that is really beneficial here is Tarot Card Reading.

 When I hold the Tarot Card in my Hand, I see the Emotions that lie deep within me and that is being projected on the Card.  

During a Reading the person discovers his/her genuine feelings and why they have been feeling this way. 

This and much more is Discovered in the process called 'Vedic Tarot Card Reading'. Here we understand the various ways through which we can help ourselves and our Loved Ones.

Being Able to Recognise our Emotions and Expressing them Appropriately is much better than dumping onto someone or something else!

Vedic Tarot Card Reading Workshop by Ritambhara on 13 & 14 May.

2 Days of Certified Training Program that will Empower You for the Rest of the Life! 

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