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the easiest thing in this life is to ADVICE;;;;advicing others is so easy that people dont even wait to be asked ;show them theres a problem n we can hear so many suggestions n advices.A strong person generally dont discuss his /her problem.A person with senses know what to do when its their turn, one itself can solve his problem with a calm head;never get dishearted,angry or curious;;;;always remember every problem has a solution.stay calm n hear ur inner voice it will definately guide u towards right direction;no one else can feel the problem only the one going through it knows very well how much that hurts or much tough that situation is;;; if only we can feel the pain then only we can cure it ;;;;;;remember this ;;;;;ask for an advice if u r double minded but the last dessicion should be ours;;;;;;have faith on the existence ,,,,,parmatma ke ghar der to ho sakti hai par ander kabhi nahi ho sakta;;;;;;;;loveto all;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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Comment by Bindu Rajalekshmi on November 10, 2010 at 9:39pm
You are right, Our inner voice direct us from unreal to real. only thing we should have strong will power to hear the voice

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