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Looking for a job where you get to be your own boss? But not sure where to start?

Being self-employed can be truly wonderful – you get flexible working hours, the chance to do things your own way, and best of all, you reap the profits.

This is ideal, but without the necessary groundwork in place, it can be difficult and stressful to achieve.

If freedom and independence matter to you in your work, then putting the time into making your self-employed venture work for you could well be worth it.

Yes – it might be scary. And if you have zero experience, it’s even scarier. But it doesn’t mean it’s off the table. Let’s find out why.

A common mistake that people make as they consider whether or not to become self-employed is to think only about products or services that aren’t out there in the world already.

They want to offer something new and original. And this makes your job as a self-employed person even harder – because unfamiliar products need far more time, money and work to convince people they’re worth buying.

So unless you’re pretty sure that your new idea is set to dazzle the world, it’s safer to look for a gap in the existing market instead.

Get all your ideas out on the table. Then ask yourself, is there a market for this?

Can I find a niche in this area that will set me apart from everyone else? If not, why bother in the first place?


Spend the early stages of your journey towards self-employment doing thorough market research.

If you have zero experience, then really, you can start anywhere.

But it’s good to think about your interests, and what’s likely to keep you engaged with the business several years down the line.


As per my experience the best and easiest way is to

1, Find a Mentor

2, Learn A Skill

And Be useful to people by solving a problem!

Please leave your details here if you want to be self employed in the Healing Profession

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