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How Are You Growing Your Garden, Parents?

Parenting is just like growing a garden!

You just provide water, sun, manure and the most importantly, a nurturing soil and watch it grow. Because you know that your seed has all the potential to grow n bloom.

You don't pull up the plant to check the roots.

You don't shout or scream if the saplings do not come as in expected time. 

You don't doubt or worry what if?  

You focus on nurturing and caring and patiently watch.

When dealing any difficulties with children, resist the temptation to fix everything by power and conflicts or you will struggle.

Step back every time, reflect and come back to your center, you'll be in a much better place to influence the situation positively.

Trust your seeds fully! Nothing better than your unconditional love and acceptance can help them Bloom...

Much Love. 

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