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Harry Sir and I were walking beneath a huge bodhi (peepal) tree dating back hundreds of years in the very midst of hustle and bustle of city madness when a flickr of realization went down my spine.

This tree depends on all of its branches, leaves, and roots to interact with the outside environment in the most harmonious way to maintain and flourish its existence. The tree doesn’t separate between its parts or give importance to one part more than the other. It has an innate wisdom that each of its part has an important role to play. Furthermore, the well being of the surrounding jungle also relies on how the tree is in full connection with its neighbours.

We along with our ancestral family tree are No different! The life force energy circulates in the entire family tree from the Source till the generation today and many more to come. The family tree includes ALL the Souls in the extended family, souls lost in the line due to miscarriage, abortion, suicide, murder, accident, unnatural death, prolonged suffering before death. It also includes the souls who went missing, multiple spouses, unmarried mothers or those not acknowledged in the central family structure.

In order for an organism to function, all of its parts must be functioning well. You can look at your immediate family as nucleus of an organism. Any energy blockage such as prolonged illness, family disputes, delay in career education growth, slowdown of finances all are signs that the life force energy is blocked in the family tree somewhere.

No one wants to feel like their lives lack meaning, or feel a sense of void deep within. We have been doing Ancestral Healing/Pitradosh Mukti workshop for a long time now. Over the years the glimpse we get in the workshops when the ancestors of participants  gather, feel acknowledged and ascend to Light, everyone feels an immediate sense of Completeness and Well Being of been connected to the root branches and all parts of the family tree.

Over and over nowadays, we hear the same message being echoed by people of different age, different culture or country: The NEED of us and our loved ones are not being met. There is a continuous growing dissatisfaction and frustration over this issue. The irony is that our needs are all connected. The need of grandparents to have meaning can be quenched by having them acknowledged and shown gratitude by the family and their grandchildren.

Our need for human connection, attention, and guidance outside can also be filled by bringing ourselves back to our own family tree within and making way for the life force energy to flow freely and abundantly through all its parts.

Heal Your Family Tree! Heal Yourself! Create the Life You Desire!

With Much Love Light and Progress!

Harry and Navana

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