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Happy Family…Happy Home: 5 Family Rituals to Follow With Kids

As aptly put by Kathy T. Heustess, “We all bring issues, traditions and rituals from our families of origin. Couples must figure out what to keep and what to discard as they create a new union and blend their expectations”.

A family ritual is something that all the members of the family do together. It varies from a family to another depending upon their traditions and beliefs. It could be as small as cooking a meal together or singing a particular song at bed time every night. A family ritual gives each member a sense of identity and helps raise the vibration of any home to a happy home.

I am listing a set of 5 Family Rituals that are not backed up by any one custom or belief system. You may choose to pick either one or all and make it a part of your family practice. The goal here is to spend quality time with your kids and spouse.

1.   Family Hug: We all love to be loved and cared for, and a hug everyday can be icing on the cake. A casual hug is not what I am referring to here but a hug that is as warm and cuddly as a big teddy bear’s hug. Make it a point to circle for a family hug every day. You can choose a time, during the day before the spouse(s) leave for work and kids are off to school. Or each night before bed time. You can also extend the family hug to days when someone in the family is fighting blues. To let them know that they are not alone. A family hug also works best to celebrate a family member’s achievement in school or at work!

2.   Family Day: Choose a day in a month when all the family members are off from work and school. Plan it a week in advance. Make it a family day. Do not entertain any friends or colleagues on that day. Try and keep your phones on airplane mode for the day, if possible. You may plan the day for a family entertainer movie or a bowling game or a picnic. Going for a long drive to nearby places for lunch is yet another option. If kids are still young take them to a play zone and spend some quality time with them. At the end of the day you will have happy and tired kids. And a contended parent yourself without a doubt.

3.   Bed Time Stories: Bed time is a special time to bond with your kids. They are keen listeners. Also, a proven fact is that we subconsciously think about the thoughts that we sleep with. Grab this time as an opportunity to teach your kids the good values that you want to see them grow up with. There are loads of good stories to share. From Panchtantra to Ramayana, from Shravan Kumar’s story to Bal Krishna’s life instances, from Eklavya’s story of his gratitude towards his teacher to the land of Fairytales. Story telling inculcates in kids the value of relationships in their life. It also gives roots to their imagination and creative solutions for simple problems.

4.   Day Review: Every night make it a ritual to ask the kids what they liked about the day’s activities. And anything they did not like and why? It will help you understand them better. This ritual facilitates kids to share even their deepest fears, sorrows and concerns with the parents.

5.   Pray Together: Last but not the least, pray together. Create a prayer or an affirmation that is familiar to just your family. Choose a particular time, morning or evening, to conduct the activity. Say the prayer or affirmation you and your kids composed together. Teach them the power of prayer.

Rituals have always been an integral part of human race. Formulate a few special customs to follow with your kids. Nurture tomorrow’s future with today’s wisdom.


Build Happy Home…Create Happy Family!

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