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Full Moon Meditation with Suresh Padmanabhan

Today is Full Moon

Moon opens up higher portals of consciousness. It is the most powerful force to Manifest your Desires. At 'Sankalpa Siddhi' we have decided to do a collective conscious Moon Meditation.

Process - 

Today between 10.10 pm to 10.30 pm (Only 20 min) let's meditate together. You can do this Meditation wherever you are. You can Meditate indoor or outdoor under the Moon. Choose your own calm space.

1. Chant 'Aum' for 5 min, this gets your vibrations aligned with the Moon.

2. Where ever you are, close your eyes and express gratitude to All good events of your life. Express gratitude to all people who added value to your life. 

3. Now you can Pray for Success for your family, friends, country, or the Universe. 

4. Think of Desires that you want to achieve in the coming days. Thank Youself and the Universe for fulfilling these Desires. 

5. Remain in Silence for the rest of the time. 

6. Celebrate your Success Story by having some Sweets. 

Important Instruction - 

If You are 100 % committed to participate today, reply/ comment here - 

Yes I Am Joyfully Participating in today's Moon Meditation. 

Also send the first name of your immediate family members. You may add name of your business, home etc so good energy can reach your home and business too. We will be praying for their Success too.This is a high energy process. 

'I wish all your wishes that you Deserve and Desire come TRUE'. 
Suresh Padmanabhan
Creator of 'Money Workshop' and 'Sankalpa Siddhi'
For More Info, Visit -

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