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‘It is the nature of human beings to try to dig a pool away from the swift current of life. That pool is stagnant and heavy with scum because it is not connected with the life of river with all
its vitality’. These appropriate words of J. Krishnamurthy sum up the human
nature of constantly seeking security and permanence in life and resisting
change. So FREEDOM to me would be when my mind which is so tightly bound to
security and safety would be free to embrace and enjoy impermanence and
ambiguity having complete faith in the infinite wisdom of the universe to guide
me correctly.

Our daily lives are replete with examples of how what we perceive as catastrophic events or disasters eventually turn out to be the biggest blessing in
retrospect. I was once talking to a close friend of mine, now a famous neurologist
who was reminiscing about the darkest hour in his life when he failed to clear
his M.D exams. But it was that humiliation and failure that motivated him to
pursue neurology as his super speciality while his other colleagues who had
passed were content being general physicians. And today all of them refer their
cases to him and turn to him for guidance. Yet still how many of us would
freely and willingly accept failure with open arms believing that there must be
a purpose behind it all. So bound are we with the concept of safety that we would always prefer a predictable
average PASS to an unpredictable uncertain FAILURE even though it may hold the
power to transform our lives. Similarly there are numerous examples of how a
major or life threatening illness brought about dramatic and positive changes in
peoples life and perception .

It is this freedom that I am talking about, freedom from constantly seeking stability and permanence, to be free from digging such holes of
security. By nature life is uncertain and ambiguous and is meant to be enjoyed
that way. Yet we spend a lifetime visualising a certain defined pattern of life
for ourselves not realizing that having faith in a higher source would enable
us to lead a richer and more fulfilled life.

When we cherish or like something a lot we try our best to make it remain the same and never change and there lies our folly. How often it has
been seen that the magic of beautiful relationships between lovers or friends start waning off because one or the
other partner cannot accept the inevitable gradual changes that come up in the
nature of their relationship and are disappointed that things are not the same.
But they can never remain the same and rather than accepting and adapting to it
people seek a way out. Similarly parents too cannot accept that their dependent
children have bloomed into independent thinking individuals and constantly
force their decisions on them with disastrous consequences. We all abhor change
when things are going our way not realizing that any small obstacle can come up suddenly to pop the
bubble of reality that we have come to regard as certain and secure.

Thus true freedom in my opinion would be if I were willing and brave to welcome change as the beginning of a new adventure rather than as the end of
something permanent . I am not bound or imprisoned from forces outside, it is
my insecure mind that craves and clings to safety and security not allowing me
to live wholeheartedly and enjoy the freshness of each moment. The day I and
other so called spiritual warriors are able to free ourselves from these narrow
confines would we be able to truly tell ourselves’ HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY’

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Comment by Shanu Goyal on August 13, 2010 at 9:45am
Nicely expressed. Thanks for sharing.

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