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Ever wonder what keeps water fresh? It is…The FLOW!

Till the water keeps flowing, it is Life, it is Pure, it is Safe, it is Harmony, it is Joy, it is Playfulness holding the beautiful essence of divine qualities. But what happens when the water stops flowing? It becomes stagnant, poisonous, dull, boring, smelly, slimy and much more.

This is what exactly happens with your Life! Till the life is flowing in your mind, there is hope, there is joy, there is creativity and motivation, there is so much to look forward to. The moment the flow stops in your mind by some unpleasant incident, you fall in the pattern of thinking and rethinking the same event. The mind keeps on coming back to the same point,  same toxic emotions, and same sabotaging thoughts again and again! The mind stops the flow and start becoming poisonous. It moves away from the core of its pure nature and starts developing anger, revenge, shame, guilt and many other negative qualities.

The Mind needs to flow, so the Life can flow. So, ask yourself….Are you flowing? Or stuck stagnant at some incident in your life?

  • To Release Stagnant Energy Blocks Stopping Your Growth in Health, Money, Relationship, Business/ Career and other areas of life
  • To Learn How to Master Your Mind effectively and rapidly
  • To Understand How to Win by the Rules of Karma and achieve Success in personal & professional life and much more…

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