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lord shiva said that a thousand years ago;maya means illusion ;jo dikhta to hai ke hai par hota nahi;matter is actually energy ;energy moving so fast that it gives us an illusion of matter;maya is just like the dreamworld .in my master oshos words -The mind knows only the dream ,the illusion.A life lived through the mind is a life of dreams .Thats the meaning of the concept of maya ,says osho.this mind can never be stable all the effiots r impossible till theres a mind drop the whole mind ,let the things go ;;everything is finalised before a spirit enters the body ;hum sochte hain hum ne aysa kiya ,kya aysa hota hai?flow flow like a river without any bondges then this river will definately meet the ocean ;is bhram me jee kar kya faidya kee jo ho raha hai shayad hum kar rahe hai shaayad main bahut intelligent hon;dear frnds stop thinking ,as we stop thinking about the dream we had last night ;enjoy every moment ;;;lots of love to all;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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Comment by santosh dubal on January 2, 2011 at 1:25pm
Since U R Awareness ,& Its U R Own Game & Not the Reality  ...Why not Play it  Playfully  ,Wholeheartdly without any seriousness   ....ab aye hi hain  to kyo na  Is Maya ke khel ka maja le !
Comment by Bindu Rajalekshmi on November 23, 2010 at 1:30pm
Very true, wonderful wordings.Everything Maya except Brhamam. If everything is finalized before the soul entering a body, be happy every moment of your life and not to attach anything in the universe.

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