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Every religion teaches only love. Then why are we fighting?

I was participating in book fair last year and met an old lady who was distributing excerpts of Bible. I asked her what are the teachings which she is looking forward to spread and she said that her God is greatest and this is what she wants to tell everyone. I was not surprised because many have such beliefs. Another incidence happened few days back, where a Hindu girl got married into a Muslim family. She did not convert to Islam. Her mother in law did not accept her as her daughter in law because the girl did not practice Islam. Now, if the girl converts to Islam and starts practicing Islam, would the God listen to her more? Would her prayers change? I guess there would be no difference because for God we all are same and we all are one. Now the big question comes:

"If God does not discriminate between us, why are we discriminating on the name of God?"

There is only one God and we all know that still we argue and divide people on the name of rituals to reach to that God. So why are we fighting? I guess we do not fight for God, he does not need us to fight, he does not need to establish his supremacy. First thing, he does not discriminate and he is very loving of everyone. Second thing, he is almighty, he does not need anyone to come and defend him. If he wants he can establish his supremacy anytime. WE fight because we want to prove that whatever we know and we are following is above all. So actually we are fighting over ego. Feel like saying, poor God keeps watching like a parents would keep watching when his two children fight.

God wants only one thing that is love, he wants us to feel love and be love. He never wants us to fight and he is pure love himself. If we actually know God, we would know love and then there would be no space of fighting. Fights are happening because we do not know God. Do not fight on the name of God to establish own ego. If you really want to practice any religion practice love. If you want to spread your religion, spread love. If you want to follow any religion, follow love. If you cant love the person in front of you, you can never love God too because there is no other God. So please please please be love and be love.

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Comment by Shivani Khetan on April 15, 2013 at 8:56pm
Comment by Shivani Khetan on April 15, 2013 at 8:56pm

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