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DON'T FEAR.....ACCEPT IT AND CHANGE IT - Dipikka Sanghi Gupta

One fine morning, I was enjoying my tea while reading newspaper. One of my friend' s daughter called me and asked that whether Number 2 as Destiny number is very inauspicious? Throughout life she will suffer from emotional ups and downs? The poor young girl was in tears. 

I asked myself and speedily made my mind to post the right information about all the numbers on my Fb page (dipikka astro),where earlier I was posting motivational quotes only.I quickly started writing by completely focussing on knowledge, sharing and abundance. All these occult sciences helps one to know about their difficulties and limitations in life but not to make one physically, emotionally and mentally tired. The idea was to inculcate in my readers that appreciate what you have and determination with positive thinking brings positive life experiences. 

The response to the page came as complete surprise. There were 200 likes within 2 days. The young generation through personal messaging asked many questions. I was happy to convince them that LIFE IS A GIFT and it is good to know your limitations , so that one can find a solution to it.

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