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Discover the new iMRS Prime - setting a new standard in holistic, low-pulsed electromagnetic technology for your personal well-being!

Electromagnetic Force is the fundamental force of our planet and ecosystem – an inevitable source of energy and vitality for our sense of health! Learn how to utilize the electromagnetic spectrum to retain and restore your overall well-being by using the most advanced and comprehensive PEMF technology in the world – iMRS Prime

The iMRS Prime is the most innovative and only 6-dimensional PEMF system the world has ever seen! It combines the very BEST and proven PEMF that has been used successfully in 7 generations of M R S 2000 and iMRS units over the past 25 years with now many new revolutionary features and additions never seen before in the PEMF world!

The first and perhaps most exciting new feature is state of the art Far Infrared (FIR) therapy heating elements that are combined with PEMF. No other PEMF device has ever successfully done this! Far infrared adds additional microcirculation and detoxification benefits that PEMF already gives. But here's the wonderful part. It literally feels like floating on a raft on a calm lake!

Second there is the Exagon Brain Light and also Music and Sound which is a quantum leap in brain entrainment and relaxation therapy. Much improved over our previous iSLRS, the new Exagon Brain will give your mind a spa. Combine this with FIR and PEMF and you'll be in 7th heaven! This amazing technology will give you all the benefits and meditation and relaxation but in a much simpler and more time efficient format!

Another giant step forward is the much new and improved Exagon Sense HRV biofeedback system. It is now medical grade, better working and much enhanced in form and function. PLUS we now have HRV diagnostic software built in that is even BETTER than heartmath, the Kubios platform. This will SHOW YOU how good your HRV is! And the Exagon sense in addition to HRV Biofeedback also includes a Pulse Oximeter / PEMF oxygen therapy Component.

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