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After my training in Astral Projection with Robert Bruce and few out of Body experiences  , I started asking How do we get guidance from the higher world for our daily activities. How can I be using the wisdom of higher dimensions for my day to day routine. I could clearly feel that my understanding about reality is very limited. If I base all my actions of basis of my mind then many of them would be motivated by my limited believes and partial knowledge. So how should I connect to higher worlds for inner guidance. I started working on this topic. Studying and reading all I could available and putting some of the stuff in practice. Few things started clearing up for me. First was to connect to higher realms I have to calm down my chattering mind.  It has to drop into a quietude and stillness to get some wisdom. So I would sit relaxing , observing my breath and  dropping into body felt sense and sensations to calm down the chattering.   The next thing that came up was I have to be very neutral , unbiased about my subject if I am ready to accept guidance. Often we have some preferences or fears which do not allow clear guidance to come. So after calming down next thing that is important is to see things without any conditioning or  reification. I found it useful to sit with strong intent and  curiosity to see what higher wisdom has to unfold  beyond my knowingness . I would intent that in this guidance I would not be  influenced by my past knowledge , fears or believe patterns .  When I sit in a relaxed state and unbiased by past , trying  to connect with my higher self some images or messages would come up. Some times I would feel certain sensations in body.So I had to be observant in a relaxed way  Sometimes the message comes  as a image or mental picture. So just bringing these images into awareness and being curious about them would suddenly give new insight  or solution. Other times it would be direct knowing what to do. other times it would be some sensations in body. So the guidance can come as image, picture, direct knowing, body sensation or soft voice speaking. These messages are very subtle, nonjudgmental it is never forcing . you always have freedom to choose them or leave them It does not dictate, push or force you to follow it. So next step after having the message is to accept it and follow it. This requires trust and ready to experiment . more we trust and experiment the more the channel of inner guidance opens up.

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Comment by Padmaja on July 15, 2011 at 6:43pm

Thank you very much for explaining it so beautifully. it feel very easy like a step by step way to understand the inner voice.



Master Facilitator
Comment by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin on March 16, 2011 at 11:13am
Hi it is true that many intuitive insights come during sleep or hypnogogic states. The phenomenon that yu are talking about is well known and is called resistance to inner growth. Best thing for such state is become aware and accept your inner resistance. Just talk to part of you which is resisting these guidances. Often many subconscious fears and programmings will become apparent. Sometimes we are identified with image that does not allow us to open to inner guidance-Inner guidance is crazy stuff, You wont get much by listening to this stupid voice.......
Comment by chaand on March 16, 2011 at 1:30am

Hi Dr Bhasin, it's interesting to have read above vivid & insightful description about intuition. As you know the guidance often comes in dreams as well as in glimpses of a flash during cat naps.

The contrary query here is do you suggest any workable measure/remedy to the dilemma as,  if one's mind persistently procrastinating to inititate the steps in line with the guidance witnessed, even while being convinced of the guidance flash in totality & strongly believing it to be welfare oriented & despite being eagerly willing to step forward but not pacing up..    

Comment by Geetanjali Arora on March 15, 2011 at 12:32pm

yaa you are right :)


I feel this all trust i have felt that half off my body was out and i was in and whenever i do lot of Pooja and all than it happens ..


Now i come in to reike and did my first level ...



Master Facilitator
Comment by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin on March 15, 2011 at 11:10am
Hi These symptoms are very vagu. I donot know if they are related to out of body experience. Have you undergone any training or practise in out of body experience. I think  some guidance is must in this field. My teacher was Robert Bruce who guided me in this journey. Seek for some one who can show you right direction.
Comment by Geetanjali Arora on March 14, 2011 at 2:06pm

I feel this out of body experience ..when ever i surrender from the pains i feel sensations near me while i am sleeping but i can not understand these facts of my life..


I am running from my self going here and there ( Bhatkoa ) started loving my self since i feel i feel these sensation from last 12years i m dead tired now from all this ...:(

 Can you help me put do i have to be scard of these things or i should leave all this ..

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