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Depression can be identified through Handwriting Analysis

Depression is a state of mind that can swirl your emotions. No matter how happy you stay it can pull you down in no time without any ‘valid’ reason. Depression is way beyond sadness. You can recover from sadness within a couple of days but depression, it just doesn’t leave. Every unpleasant experience that is shrugged-off and not expressed beings to eat you up slowly in the state of depression.  Its a state of mind where you try to be happy but you are not truly happy.

Our lives are so volatile and there are so many things to combat in today’s global social society. We have no/ very less time to pay attention to everything happening around us and when we step-up to share there are no true listeners thus, the easy and direct recipient of all the stimuli is our Sub-Conscious mind.

Handwriting Analysis is a reading of your sub-conscious mind and hence it can depict early signs of depression even before you realize it. The wondrous part is you can cure depression using Grapho-Therapy.

There are a couple of patterns that you yourself can see in a handwriting to detect depression.


  1. First and foremost is the baseline of a persons writing. The further down the writing goes the more sever is the depression.
  2. Varying size and shapes of letters indicate volatile emotional levels.
  3. Low-Crossed T-Bars. This is a boost to self-pity. People who cross they t-bars very low believe that something wrong happens to them because they “deserve” it.

All of the above can initially help in determining if he/ she is in depression*. So, i urge you to help yourself and also the people around by identifying these patterns and more importantly by making an attempt to ask if they really need help.

There is no quick-fix solution to depression. The day you decide to value yourself and to not bother about the labels given to you things will just fall in place. And no, this doesn’t mean you are closing yourself down it just means you are opening yourself up to a better derived understanding of everything around.

Always remember that no one can make you feel inferior if you don’t give them the permission to, you need to understand that you are important and so is your life before anyone else can understand it.

Article by: Sneha Jain, Certified Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist at Graphology Junction

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Comment by Barbara Holleman on August 28, 2019 at 8:10pm

Thank you for this useful post. As a worker of custom writing service I adore your writing style and the main idea.

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