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Remember the 23-year-old woman who was raped by several men on a bus in New Delhi just a couple weeks ago. The horrifying, vicious,brutal, unimaginable attack she experienced shocked the world , including the men assaulting her with a metal rod so much so that she experienced internal injuries and died as a result. Protests have been sparked all over India regarding the crime against women in country.

Rape in India has become the safest crime as Indian girls does not  come out and are usually  muffled or pushed under the carpet for reasons of ‘honour’ and ‘family name’. Moreover, many criminals are never convicted. In many cases rapists who go to prison usually return hale & hearty. Many people who come from lower strata of society are usually so poor  that prison provides them with shelter and food. It is the rotten luck of India  that some criminals and frauds are running the government.

As per vedic astrology readings, currently the Mahadasa of the Sun and Antardasha of Saturn is operational on India’s Horoscope .Sun is conjucted with Saturn and afflicted  in natal chart. Both the planets are placed in third house. Saturn and Rahu are transiting from Jupiter. Due to planetary position there will be  lack of confidence and satisfaction among general masses, government will face more difficulties, some disaster might happen at any spiritual place causing loss in terms of man and money, government may take some wrong decisions at international level ,epidemic can hit the nation. More Indians will get job or promotion  in foreign land. There will be increase in  spiritual values too. 

There will be more murders and crime rate will increase.Murders by gangs and criminals are not as much of a concern in the city as the ones committed by the family members.As the world being in  the Kali Yuga which is also  referred to as the Dark Age,  Lord Krishna foretold that this period  will be full of extreme hardships for people with ideals and values. People will have thoughts of murder with no justification. People will become addicted to intoxicating drinks and drugs.

Things cannot be changed overnight but  people can  start accepting that  victims are not to be blamed, instead they need a lot of counsellling to overcome the trauma. As we have made the foundation of equal participation of women in the economy, it makes sense to wonder whether we are indeed creating a climate that’s good enough for them to want to step out of their homes in the first place.

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