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Create Your Own Wellness Space for Mind-Body-Soul Integration

Create Your Own Wellness Space for Mind-Body-Soul Integration

When I was younger, I hardly remember hearing the word ‘Wellness’.

For us, wellness meant having ‘Haldi Wala Doodh’ aka ‘Turmeric Latte’ when feeling sick, eating seasonal vegetables and fruits, processed food was only allowed on special occasions such as birthday’s and playing community games such as ‘Hide and Seek’, Races, Football for at least 2 hours was mandatory every evening.

 However, today ‘Wellness’ as a concept has acquired a multi-dimensional meaning.

Today, taking hot oil dripped on the third eye (in Panchkarma session) is also considered to be a part of wellness; wrapping your body in mud at Dead Sea is wellness; having a Kale Salad Diet is wellness; enrolling for one of the Yoga Classes is wellness; having Meditation Breaks in corporate culture is also wellness and giving Wellness challenges to each other is also Wellness.

Let’s see what ‘Wellness’ actually means –

The NABH (National Accreditation Boards for Hospitals and Healthcare) defines Wellness as a state of healthy balance of Mind and Body that results in overall well-being. Simply put, Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Wellness is more than just being free from illness. It is a dynamic process of change and growth.

And this growth can be measured in all areas of your life from – Career, Money, Relationships, Health, Spiritual Mind and overall well-being.

Now let me tell you that the concept of wellness is further expanding. It is not just about eating healthy and working out periodically. It is also about being aware of your surroundings and spreading this awareness amongst others. Today many of the Schools, Communities, Spa’s, Luxury Hotels, Therapy Centers, Big Hospitals and even Multinational Corporates promote the concept of Wellness through various activities. Our current lifestyle, various nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxicity has together brought greater concerns for our health and body. And we are undoubtedly in need of a support system that brings an optimum health.

As per the recent study by the Stanford Research Institute, the global wellness industry represents a market of nearly US $ 2 trillion. The Indian Wellness Industry was estimated at a close to Rs. 85,000 crore in financial year 2014-2015 and it expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 12% for the next 5 years.  

Imagine the Growth rate of Wellness Industry in India!

In India, Wellness was seen in Traditional medicine of Ayurveda, Yoga and Homeopathy but today, this wellness industry has evolved rapidly from one structure to becoming a comprehensive ecosystem.

From preventive healthcare to luxury products to personalized services, consumers are exploring all the possible wellness products available in the market.

‘Wellness’ is becoming an investment for more and more of our population.

After all, who doesn’t want to benefit from a growing industry?

And while the investment is affordable to almost everyone, the dividends are priceless!

There is a complete line of Wellness Products already made in the market; you just need to put them at one place and make it available for the masses and classes.

So how does one tap into the Wellness Industry?

Well actually the startup cost is very low which means it is Low risk and Flexible.

No Lay-offs.

Greater control over Time and Activities.

More Time with Family.

Less time spent Commuting.

Residual Income.

Can be run almost entirely from home.

And most of all, a deep satisfaction that you are helping people restore a state of health and well-being.

If you want to profit from this wellness industry, from the baby boomer’s and health conscious people that are spending billions per year on nutritional and wellness products, than grab the opportunity with ‘NewAge Wellness World’ – India’s No.1 Network of Wellness Centers.

NewAge Wellness World is a brain child of a Visionary named Sandeep Goswamy who saw the undercurrent of growing wellness industry in 2010 and decided to create an organization which will help people set up their Wellness centers across the Globe. The prime objective of NewAge Wellness World is to help people who want to benefit from this growing wellness industry.

NewAge helps you set up your own independent “Holistic Wellness Center or Intelligent Wellness Lounges”.

Imagine having your own Wellness Center that offers –

  • World’s No.1 Wellness Device iMRS - PEMF Therapy System (The revolutionary discovery in Medical Health),
  • Veda Pulse (A diagnostic device to measure the Ayurvedic Constituent in your body),
  • Yoga,
  • Meditation,
  • Aura Scanning,
  • Life Transforming Workshops,
  • Food Supplements,
  • Acupressure Devices,
  • Essential oils,
  • Other Complementary/Alternative Therapies.

This is a place where you would like to visit every day to rejuvenate yourself holistically.

In short, your Wellness Center will offer Mind, Body and Soul Integration.

Other than this, we also help you organize Yoga and Meditation Sessions, Occasional discourses & movie screenings about spirituality, personal growth and Healing Sessions. On regular basis, there will be paid events that will be add on financial source for Wellness Center Owners. You will run your Center on the lines of a Gym, it will be membership based. This and much more!

We have a chain of 25 plus successful Wellness Centers associated with NewAge Wellness World running across India.

Your Center Could Be The Next One Here!

You Can Either Register Your Wellness Center As An Affiliate Or Franchisee Or Register As An Independent Wellness Consultant.

Human Body is Mental and Spiritual. And Spiritual here simply means Sharing and caring – As quoted by Dr. B M Hedge.  

Our Wellness Lounges will offer various Wellness Therapies through Wellness Devices, Food Supplements, Meditation and various other Alternative Therapies. We provide you with all the knowledge, wellness devices, marketing assistance and continuous support as the center grows.

All you need is a Space and a Vision for Wellness.   

For More Information –

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